Detroit Red Wings

5 minutes of the greatest hockey ever.


Patrick Roy vs Mike Vernon from the Colorado Avalanche at Detroit Red Wings game on Mar 26, 1997.

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  • Draeshawn Lundy


  • Dana Abbey

    The best part of that fight was Claude getting knocked out by Darren Macarthy.

  • Sabrina Darbonne

    McCarty…..And that is a crime to not know that story.

  • Draeshawn Lundy

    A A A I’m A Young Fan na so let’s Help me out

  • Detroit Sports Nation

    It’s okay Draeshawn, we will educate you.

  • Mark Vivian

    Andrew watch it and get that playoff beard goin

  • Ken Schmidhuber

    Glad to have you aboard the Wings Wagon, Draeshawn. :)

  • Kathrine Hollister

    I could watch this over and over again, and still feel like I’m watching it live.

  • Russell Thornton

    The Fight Night at the Joe is definitely a Classic!! The Best part was McCarty beating up Lemieux & Scoring the Game Winner in OT!!

  • Jason Novak

    Greatest hockey game ever played

  • Thomas Brusseau

    he messed up. send hit to the penatly box

  • Tom DeWitte

    The best rivalry ever in sports! Miss those days when a game with the Avs was a priority on anyone’s calendar!

  • Rick Feldmann

    Ah yes! Claude the turtle getting his clock cleaned.

  • Ben Bencsik

    i was only a year old watching this but im glad we have the video today so i could watch the greatest fight in all of hockey!

  • John Thomachefski

    Roy got slammed by Osgood the following year…we owned them!

  • Anthony Moretto

    Love it!! Could watch this a thousand times and not get tired of it… You cannot be a Wings fan and not remember it!

  • Carl Bullard III

    He’ll ya

  • Julie McCamish

    That is in my YouTube favorites. I saw it live when it happened lololol ….

  • Nate’n Webb

    Shanny’s flying spider-monkey tackle was probably the highlight of that brawl.

  • Joshua Smith

    HELL YEAH gave me goosebumps love it

  • Chuck Jones

    Every time I see that it only gets better!!