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I would rather have Brandon Jennings than Rajon Rondo


Yeah, that’s right. I would rather have Brandon Jennings than Rajon Rondo for the Detroit Pistons. Ever since Jennings was acquired on July 30, there have been plenty of rumors that Jennings will be part of a package to the Boston Celtics for Rondo. Jennings is eligible to be traded on December 15.

Here’s why I would rather have Jennings than Rondo: Rondo is a hot-head, he can’t shoot, and he would be a bad influence on the younger Pistons.

There’s no questioning Rondo’s ability. I think Rondo is a better and smarter player than Jennings. However, he can be a hot-head and, in my opinion, was the main reason why the Celtics broke up. We all know about the feud between Rondo and Ray Allen. According to a report by Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, Allen said that the feud between the two began in 2009 when Allen told Rondo that the two are in trade rumors to the Phoenix Suns. The report also said that Allen told Rondo that the reason why they’re getting traded was the icy relationship with then-coach Doc Rivers and GM Danny Ainge. Rondo took it the wrong way and their relationship has been terrible ever since.

We all know how that ended up. Ray Allen left in the summer of 2012 for the Miami Heat and Rondo, and the rest of the Celtics, won’t even talk to him.

Rivers also had a run-in with Rondo. According to a report from Bleacher Report, Rondo and Rivers almost got into a fist fight. Rondo dropped a few F-bombs at the head coach and players stepped in between the two before anything major could happen. Rivers is now head coach if the Los Angeles Clippers, Celtics legends Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are with the Brooklyn Nets, and Rondo is by himself in Boston.

Jennings can be a hot-head as well, but not like Rondo. Jennings got into a little, stupid twitter feud with Jordan Farmar and he had a disagreement with then-Milwaukee Bucks coach Jim Boylan last season. Jennings was benched by Boylan and he wasn’t happy about it, that’s all. That’s normal stuff.

Jennings is only 23 years old, he can still change. Rondo is 27 years old and he’s probably not going to change his mindset. If Rondo can’t play nice with Rivers and Allen, what makes you think he will be a model citizen with Mo Cheeks, Chauncey Billups, and Josh Smith?

Rondo cannot shoot. Rondo shot 24% from deep last season, Jennings shot 37.5%. Who would you rather have breaking up the paint for Smith, Greg Monroe, and Andre Drummond? Yeah, I thought so.

The Pistons 22nd in scoring last season, they need a scorer. Jennings averaged 17.5 points last season. Rondo has never averaged more than 13.7 in his career. Rondo is the better passer, I’ll give him that. He averaged 11.1 assists last season, while Jennings averaged 6.5 dimes. However, Rondo was throwing passes to Pierce and Garnett. Jennings was throwing passes to Ersan Ilyasova. I predict Jennings’ assist numbers will go up throwing lobs to Smith and Drummond.

Rondo would be a bad influence for the other Pistons. Of course, we all remember the Richard Hamilton berating of then-coach John Kuester incident in 2011. That was a veteran setting a real bad example for the youngsters. I don’t want Rondo in here setting a bad example. Of course, Rasheed Wallace is here as an assistant and he will not put up with anybody’s crap, but I doubt Rondo would listen to him either.

That is why I like Jennings. Jennings is a better fit in Detroit than Rondo. His introductory press conference was yesterday and he seemed extremely happy to be here in Detroit. He viewed it as a new beginning for him.

I don’t think Rondo would be a good fit here. Even if he does play nice, he can’t shoot well enough to open up space for Smith, Monroe, and Drummond. On top of that, he is coming off an ACL injury. Who knows how he will play when he returns?

The right move would be to keep Jennings. They already are paying him $24 million over three years.

-Ky Carlin

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