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Titus Young Sr. – Timebomb


The Titus Young saga continues as the wide receiver took to the his favorite venting venue Twitter this morning.

It would seem Young is trying to deliberately get cut as he continues his tirade despite clear direction from Jim Schwartz that it wasn’t the best idea. His tweets suggest he has moved on and is now just waiting for the inevitable.

“Guys are responsible for what they post, what they say,” Schwartz said Wednesday. “You wear your uniform 24 hours a day now, everybody’s aware of that. We obviously still got some ground to cover there.”

Despite everything that has transpired to date, Young still believes that he has a strong future in the NFL, even so far as claiming he will be a “Hall of Famer”.  He is a #3 receiver on the Detroit Lions. That statement says more than anything. He has shown lackluster play in Detroit – add-on his tirades and the uncontrollable nature of his time on and off the field within the organization and that adds up to a lot of things – but Hall of Fame is not one of them.

I would venture to guess that there isn’t an NFL team that would touch Young Sr. after this. Maybe he can have an illustrious career in an Arena Football League, I mean I’m sure T.O still has the number for the team that cut him.

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