Detroit Pistons make an international splash


Joe Dumars has made an international splash by signing Italian League MVP Luigi Datome. Datome has verbally agreed to a 2-year $3.75 million contract. All deals cannot be officially signed until July 10.

Datome averaged 16.6 points and 5.8 rebounds last season. He shot 47 percent from the floor and 41 percent from deep. He brings something that the Pistons really don’t have right now and that’s shooting, a guy that can spread the floor.

Newly signed Josh Smith can’t shoot, newly re-signed Will Bynum can’t shoot, and the rest of the guys on the roster don’t scare opposing teams neither. The best 3-point shooting percentage of the returning players is Brandon Knight, who shot 36.7 percent from deep.

I like the signing of Datome and if he can get acquainted to the NBA quickly and prove himself, then he could be an integral part of the rotation. He gives the team a guy that can space the floor. That will unclog the lane for Smith, Monroe, and Andre Drummond.

-Ky Carlin

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  • Adrian VanderMolen

    I like it!! really good scorer and can shoot the 3 and has some very nice dunks as well.

  • Erges Kelo

    I want no Euros on my team. And thats coming from an European. Plus I hate any small contract that goes beyond next summer.

  • Manuel Ydrogo

    ok joe u struck out on darko now this guy???

  • Davey Pants

    As long as it doesnt cost us a top 5 draft pick and they’re not skipping dudes named Wade or Anthony who gives a rats ass, apples ‘n oranges brah.

  • Jason Ruttenberg

    His brother Mario is much better.

  • Jay Vander Myde

    He is a great shooter.

  • Manuel Ydrogo

    Time will tell just like darko

  • Draeshawn Lundy

    Boy Can Shoot. Hourly He Can Sit In America And Get Minutes. ( Mike Miller )

  • Jonathan Peress

    Yeep Darko Millcic was a bust. That doesn’t mean this guy will.