Pistons cancel practice, possible rift between coach Frank and Stuckey?



The Detroit Pistons canceled practice on Monday for unspecified reasons. One thing we do know is this leave’s Rodney Stuckey’s status up in the air.

Stuckey was benched for Sunday’s 104-102 win over the Orlando Magic, the Pistons’ 6th in 7 games in which Stuckey has missed. Head coach Lawrence Frank wouldn’t disclose the reasons as to why Stuckey was benched. Giving regular coach answers like, “We keep that in the locker room.” It came down to a “coach’s decision”.

The Detroit Free Press’ Vincent Goodwill decided to delve deeper into the story.

Goodwill via Twitter @VGoodwill:

Talking to the players re: Stuckey, they all appeared to be surprised when they found out he wasn’t playing via coach’s decision

Doesn’t seem like Stuckey and Frank got into a knock-down drag out confrontation, from everything I’ve gathered. A bit surprising

Prince, Monroe and Villanueva were all around for Stuckey-Kue, so they know what it looks like. Seems like something verbal at Sat practice

You have to wonder if this was a slight disagreement followed by some thin skin…

According to mlive.com, coach Frank talked about players who are specialists and players who are rotation players

“If you can only play well with certain guys, you know what you’re called? A specialist,” Frank said Sunday. “When you can play with anyone, you’re a rotation player.”

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I don’t know if that comment was directed at Stuckey but you have to think it is. Stuckey earlier in the season made a comment while he was in the middle of a 1-for-23 start to the season that the position change to shooting guard has messed up his rhythm.

Stuckey has been struggling this season so far. His field goal percentage, 3-point field goal percentage, and points per game are all down. Meanwhile his 3-point attempts have gone up. In his first five seasons, Stuckey averaged 0.9 3-point attempts per game. This season he’s avergaing 2.7 3-point attempts. He’s a career 29.5 percent 3-point shooter. So his shot selection has been in question. Those numbers are according to basketball-reference.com if you do the math.

Is this another John Kuester situation? I don’t think so but this is the worst time for a team to go through arguments and chemistry problems. Detroit is currently in 10th place in the Eastern Conference. 1.5 games behind 9th place Philadelphia and four games behind 8th place Boston.

I personally think the Pistons are better off without Stuckey. The ball seems to stop when it gets in his hands. He then proceeds to go the rim out of control and miss a wild shot. He then cries at the referees about not getting the foul call. As I said before, the Pistons are 6-1 without him and they beat playoff teams Miami and Atlanta without him. Stuckey’s status is uncertain for Tuesday against the Milwaukee Bucks.

-Ky Carlin

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