Video: Andre Drummond Grabs 5 Offensive Rebounds in 4 Seconds


Want to know the fastest way to a double-double? Andre Drummond has the answer.

The Pistons big man managed to tip five rebounds to himself during a second quarter sequence of Friday's 100-91 win over the Chicago Bulls. Of course, such a multitude of rebounds means he was also missing a bevy of layups but regardless, it looks pretty wild on paper. Plus, it briefly broke ESPN's play-by-play:

Take that, technology!



For what it's worth, that last rebound following the missed free throw looked a little iffy to us, as a foul appeared to occur before Drummond was able to reel the ball inward (though it may just be a misplace. Still, we have to believe it was a sequence for which the great Moses Malone would be proud.

In all, Drummond finished with 18 points and 20 rebounds.


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