Detroit Lions 2014 Draft Preview: Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix


Moving on to our second prospect in this Detroit Lions 2014 NFL Draft preview, I want to look at Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix the safety out of Alabama.  This is a position of need for the Lions; even after the signing of Ihedigbo we still need a young safety to tandem with Glover Quin in the secondary.  I believe that Clinton-Dix would be an excellent fit for the Lions in the secondary.  As we all know, the Lions need all the help they can get in the secondary, and Clinton-Dix would not only provide them with great pass coverage at the back, but also come up to provide run support.  Let’s look at his strengths and weaknesses:


  • Light feet, fluid, good straight line speed
  • Awareness
  • Decisive, moves to the play as he sees it developing
  • Great ball skills
  • Secure Tackler, Wraps up on most of his tackles
  • Physical


  • Can be TOO aggressive at times getting fooled on play action and misdirection plays
  • Sometimes drops his shoulder to try and deliver a big hit
  • Narrow build, needs bulk
  • Goes straight for the ball, can cause him to miss tackles as his angles can be off
  • Started only 19 games in college, may lack experience

As far as comparative players are concerned, Earl Thomas seems to be the name that gets thrown around the most.  He’s a very physical player who wants to make plays on the ball.   The biggest advantage for the Lions if they were to draft him would be the run support.  Quin was spectacular last season in pass coverage, but was pretty lacking in helping the run game.  Clinton-Dix loves to come up and play the run when he sees it develop; he’s not scared to come up into the box to help on a run play.   If the Lions do grab Clinton-Dix this year, he very well could be that presence over the top they’ve been looking for since drafting Delmas in 2009.

Don't believe me?  Watch some highlight tape: Youtube

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-Daniel Nowaczyk


  1. The lion are we there money defensive back Rasheem Mathis, this guy got burnt all last season, did I miss something.

  2. They must just be smoke screening. I can't imagine the Texans trading that #1 pick. But it would be awesome to have an athlete like clowney on the team

  3. Mathis had a good yr for us last yr. seems I read that he was our top cb last yr. (not saying much tho). I don't see us trading up for clowney. We signed jones and drafted ziggy. We have suh and fairley. I hope we don't cash in all our draft picks for it with such a deep draft

  4. Hmmm... The Lions may have something up their sleeves here. My theory is, the Lions may be looking to trade up to the num 3 spot. If so they are guaranteed to get either Clowney, Watkins or Kahlil Mack. Either of those three would be a great pick up, however, what will they have to give up to get one of those three guys. IMO you have to trade up at least to pick 3rd because only the above mentioned players are worth drafting in spots 1-3, unless you need a QB which the Lions don't.

  5. Think about that though. Clowney suh Farley lol good luck o line. Never happen but those names alone scary for any qb or rb

  6. Lions could give up a first round next year & a third this year or next year also. They can move up.


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