DE Kyle Vanden Bosch released by Detroit Lions


vanden bosch to be released by the detroit lions

And the ax keeps falling on the proverbial chopping block that is the Detroit Lions locker room.

According to reports from Yahoo! Sports; Staff writer Brian McIntyre - the next move that the Lions will potentially make will involve DE Kyle Vanden Bosch.

A $7M cash, $4.9625M cap savings is quite the persuasive argument. Add in Vanden Bosch's dwindling numbers and this organizational restructuring is on course to make for one interesting draft/off-season.

Last year, Vanden Bosch totaled 8 sacks while playing 777 snaps, but in 2012 he only tallied 3.5 sacks and was rated as the worst 4-3 defensive end in the league by Pro Football Focus.

If this report pans out, there will be 5 players remaining set to receive a roster bonus come the March 12th open of Free Agency.

Tim Twentyman from confirms

Below are the players set to receive roster bonuses in 2013:

Jeff Backus — $500,000
Shaun Hill — $350,000
Stephen Peterman – $600,000 ($500,000 + $100,000 reporting bonus)
Brandon Pettigrew — $250,000
Tony Scheffler — $500,000
Kyle Vanden Bosch — $2 million
John Wendling — $15,000


  1. So they are totally rebuilding? I can see a 2-14 season coming up! They won't get me to a game next year. I'll still watch them on TV though.

  2. Vanden Bosch was a great effort guy, but he was not nearly as productive last year as he was the year before. It's the right move.

  3. The start to another 10 year re-build? With the salaries of stafford, megatron, and SUH, without a very good draft, they will have a very hard time filling all these holes

  4. Good move. He was worthless last year. Dont give me the injury excuse either. When he was on the field he was non existent. Too old and slow too. Time to move on

  5. To be clear - this isn't official yet - it is following multiple reports, but it is expected.

  6. Glad we got him when we did, but sadly his skills are on the decline and heart will only get you so far. Hopefully he left his mark on the younger players and wish him the best of luck.... if he is gone that is of course haha

  7. Maybe as a backup. His first year in Detroit was great. This past year not so good. Good effort and work ethic, but getting up in age. Maybe a contender will pick him up.

  8. You people act like they're tearing apart a championship team. Im glad they're blowing it up. Still don't trust their ability to draft though.

  9. You guys that disagree know nothing about football. He was also owed like 10 mil this coming season. Worth nothing near that

  10. Great influence and teacher but hes not as good as he use to be... Good Luck but its time to go KVB

  11. Whoever liked him must have missed him run past the qb and rb every play, he was aweful this year, we need a real pass rusher

  12. He would make a very good coach, Keep the cuts coming, wont be satisfied til i see ravoilis name.

  13. All you ppl who disagree with the move know nothing about football, they're not letting current pro bowlers go, kvb doesn't have it anymore ya he made a great effort every play but he didnt make the big plays now it's time to bring in new ppl to IMPROVE the team

  14. They are getting rid of the shittiest players. And they cost. Good moves and I want more. Roiola is next.

  15. Yeah he is in on every play but does nothing. We need another end to get loose from suhs double teams or draw a double team to get suh in there.

  16. I agree his skills were declining and he is getting up there in age but the effort was still there. if the rest of the team put out his kind of effort, we would have been playing last Sunday night...

  17. He didnt put in the effort def a good move here needed to be more of a leader wasn't really effective in the pass rush or leading the def wasn't the leader on the field you don't get the job done you get released


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