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Detroit Lions Notes

Lions Notes 2/10/2013:

Schwartz – Don’t call it a comeback

“I wouldn’t call it rebuilding,” Schwartz said Thursday. “There’s been a lot of other words used for it: reloading, whatever you want to call it. But when you say 'rebuilding,' it sounds like you’re starting from the ground up.”

“We’ve got some strengths on our team that we can build around,” Schwartz said. “It’s not so much a rebuild.”

Mayhew – These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…

“Just in going back and evaluating some of those games and watching those games over, a lot of things happened last year that won’t happen this year,” Mayhew said. “We had a ton of injuries, we had a bunch of situations that happened.

“It’s all excuses at this point, but I know what we have. I know what players we have, I know the character of the guys in our locker room, I know the character of our coaching staff, and I know the scouts and evaluators and front office that we have. That gives me confidence.”


Mayhew on Vanden bosch and Peterman – I’ll never let go Jack!

“We tried to help them,” Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said, via Justin Rogers of “Peterman specifically asked if we were going to make a move like that, (release him) as soon as we could. We wanted to try to give him an opportunity to catch somewhere else.”

Mayhew didn’t rule out the possibility of either player returning to Detroit at a reduced salary.

“I’ll never say never,” Mayhew said.


Mayhew on Titus’s trade value – “I’ll give you 2 double cheeseburgers and raise you a small fry…”

“He didn’t really have any trade value,” Mayhew said today. “I didn’t talk to anybody; I didn’t call 32 GMs and try to get a seventh-if or anything like that. It’s my job to know sort of what his value is, and he didn’t have any trade value.

Schwartz on Titus – Goodnight Irene

“We obviously went through a lot” to try to make it work with him, Schwartz said. “We had our incident last spring, we took quite a few steps there and he came back onto the team and was fairly productive and wasn’t a distraction. And then we had a couple other incidents and kept him away again, and then he came back and we still had other incidents and at that point it was done. But we certainly exhausted all of our resources in trying to keep him productive and keep him in a team mode, but it wasn’t successful.”


Cap info – Going for broke… literally.

The Lions have about $118 million in current 2013 cap commitments right now, but are trying to restructure quarterback Matthew Stafford’s contract and could try and work out new deals with receiver Nate Burleson and center Dominic Raiola.


Mayhew on changes -

“We need to make some changes,” Mayhew said. “Obviously, things aren’t going in the right direction, things didn’t go in the right direction last year, so we’ve got to make some changes. We’ve got to improve our roster and we’ll definitely make some moves in that direction.”

"We were non-players in free agency last year. I do think that we plan to make some moves," Mayhew said,via the Lions' official website. "We need to make some changes. Obviously, things aren't going in the right direction."


Lions sign vet CB Domonique Johnson – Professional Practice Squad Captain?

The Detroit Lions have signed cornerback Domonique Johnson to a reserve/future contract,according to the team's website.

Johnson entered the league as an undrafted player out of Jackson State, and has spent time with the Denver Broncos, New York Giant, Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Washington placed Johnson on injured reserve after spraining a ligament in his left knee in their final regular season game against the Dallas Cowboys. He was recently released by the team.

Johnson has 18 tackles in 17 career games since 2009.


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