Detroit Lions' Rookie Kicker Nate Freese is Clutch


may not be a household name in , yet. But, he will be eventually. The Detroit # took the in the 7th round of the 2014 NFL Draft, looking to make Freese their next franchise kicker. Nate Freese was a solid kicker for Boston College, and made 100% of his field goals as a senior. He even propelled Boston College to a last second victory over Maryland with a game-winning 52 yard field goal. Nate Freese was also 6/6 while kicking field goals over 40 yards, so his perfect season did not come easy. Now that's clutch.

Nate Freese hasn't exactly been given the starting job, but he should end up winning out over Georgio Tavecchio. Freese has an impressive resume, and would essentially have to lose the job during training camp. Freese is used to kicking outdoors, so Ford Field should be the least of his concerns. The only concern that has been brought up about Nate Freese is that his leg may not be as powerful as Tavecchio's, but he has won a game with a 52 yard field goal. That is something that the Detroit Lions just might need to do themselves. The Detroit Lions have a competition brewing at kicker, but Nate Freese is likely going to be their next place kicker.


  1. lol he's clutch? He's been kicking in an empty practice facility with no noise around him and absolutely nothing on the line. How is he "clutch"?

  2. 100% from beyond 40 yards, in game situations with 2 game winning field goals. In actual games. With real defenses. You don't have to lie to kick it.


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