Former Detroit Lions Mitchell and Woody to Compete on "The Biggest Loser"


Two former Detroit Lions are making current headlines for something that is mostly unrelated to football. Scott Mitchell and Damien Woody are among two of the next contestants on the American reality television series The Biggest Loser.

Scott Mitchell could very well be known as the "biggest loser" already, in Detroit. He was the lone dismal spot on the Detroit Lions' potent offense of the mid 1990's, and is not much of a hometown hero in the area. Mitchell weighed in at a whopping 366 lbs., currently, and decided to go on The Biggest Loser after losing his own father to obesity related disease.

Damien Woody has a little more respect in the Detroit area, though. Woody was once a top offensive linemen of the Detroit Lions for 4 seasons. Although he is not much of a household name, Damien Woody gained the respect of the NFL community with hard play, and his team first mentality. Woody is only about 70 lbs. heavier than his ideal playing weight, but does not want to become another NFL player turned obesity statistic.

The Biggest Loser premiers on Thursday, September 11th, and will be aired on your local NBC station.


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