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  • Kevin Sandler

    Coach Patricia.

  • Christopher Hirth

    The BLOOD Game!

  • Andrew Hage

    Only reason he accepted the job is because the Detroit Red Wings are moving to the East

  • Brandon Key

    Memories ♥

  • John Steven Reinbolt

    Believe me, I don’t need to be reminded!

  • Adrian VanderMolen

    terrific goalie, don’t think they’ll do much next year though no matter who’s coaching

  • Michele Saylor

    Can’t believe the Avs hired Patrick Roy as their head coach and VP of operations…. he was such a cheater, oversized pads and jersey/

  • Sandy Buege

    Love to hate the Avalanche!

  • Nat Meretsky

    Oh he’s hated and always will be!!!! LGRW!!! Love the vids, gets me pumped!!

  • Dave Rewalt

    Still one of my favorite hockey moments.

  • Josh Jolly

    Patrick waaaaaaa

  • Kathy Martin

    I don’t need any reminders, I can’t stand him or the Avs.

  • Rick Birch

    Not sure why anyone should hate him, but each to their own.

  • Damond Horner

    I was at that game..

  • MotorCity SportsGuru

    what a poo stain. maybe this move will renew the rivalry.

  • Jill Samuels

    Wings ain’t afraid of no avalanche!!!! BRING IT!

  • Dave Richards

    Roy is a douchebag. I don’t need to be reminded why I hate him, but watching him get clobbered is always a treat…

  • Detroit Sports Nation

    Just wait until he faces the Red Wings in a Game 7…

  • Detroit Sports Nation

    OR, maybe Varlamov will demand a trade if he thinks Roy left him in the game too long…?

  • Shaun Bergdoll

    Don’t hate cuz Detroit has never had a goalie of hos caliber!

  • Josh Jolly

    Ummmm I’m a leafs fan but Hasek? Ever heard of him?

  • Bob Hooks

    I was at this game!

  • Mark Guastaferro

    Wings r done

  • Alan Yike

    Great times

  • John Locher

    Yeah…they DONE beat the hawks!!

  • Gregory Clark

    I can recall this very clearly!

  • Lynn Sikorski Schanta

    I remember that game

  • Dave Wolf

    Hate Roy!!!! Enough said.

  • Debbie Brader Travis

    Nothing more fun to watch than a goalie fight!