Bertuzzi hospitalized with back pain



Todd Bertuzzi may be done for the season, or more seeing as how he is 38.

The Detroit Free Press reported earlier tonight that Bertuzzi had been admitted to the hospital with extreme back pain.

Bertuzzi has missed Detroit’s last three games with his chronically-injured back and, following a 5-3 win over St. Louis last Thursday, “could barely walk” according to the Detroit Free Press.

Holland said surgery “is a last resort. No one is rushing into surgery.” Surgery would mean Bertuzzi is done for the season.

Bertuzzi, 38, has a history of back problems, dating to a herniated disk in 2006 that required surgery, sidelining him as he was traded from Florida to Detroit in March 2007. He missed five games in January 2009, then with Calgary, because of back pain. [1. Detroit Free Press]

Todd Bertuzzi, 38, has a history of back problems. In 2006 he had a herniated disk that required surgery, he was subsequently traded from Florida to Detroit in March 2007. He missed five games in January 2009, then with Calgary, because of back pain.

Bertuzzi is in the first of a two-year, $4.15 million extension signed with Detroit in February. He has an average annual cap hit of $2.075 million. [3. Pro Hockey Talk]


Darren Helm Injury Update

Helm, 26, doesn't have a history of back problems, and repeated tests "have ruled out everything negative," Holland said. Still, Helm has not been on the ice since the day after playing Jan. 25 against Minnesota, his only game this season. He was injured working out just before the start of training camp. He continues to see specialists in hope of figuring out how to round the corner.

"He's out indefinitely," Holland said. "Could be one week. Could be one month. I don't know."

As with Bertuzzi, Holland said surgery hasn't been discussed regarding Helm. [2. Detroit Free Press]


  1. To be fair, his hit on Moore was dirty, but Moore's teammates jumping on top of Bert and Moore made it so much more worse than it would have been

  2. Moore was a dirty player that deserved to be took'n care of, but no one wanted to see that happen to him, not even Bertuzzi. Its not his fault, its the players that jumped on Bertuzzi that made it worse.

  3. I knew as soon as he fell against St. Louis he was gonna be out for awhile he got up awfully gingerly afterwards...his back has been trash for years


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