Detroit Red Wings Drop Another Big 2 Points in Playoff Push, 5-4 to MTL



The Detroit Red Wings drop a second straight decision, this time 5-4 to the Montreal Canadians.

The entirety of the first period, the Red Wings looked completely lost. Montreal would get on the board at 5:14, when Tomas Plekanec took a pass in the slot in front of Jimmy Howard, unchallenged by any Detroit defenders, and had plenty of time to place his shot over the glove of Howard, which he lowered a second too soon for the 1-0 lead. They’d do it again at 14:11, again from Plekanec, on a 4-on-4 when the Red Wings turned the puck over leaving their zone, had it come back in the form of a nice give-and-go to the side of Howard, and a wrister over his shoulder top-corner to make it 2-0 leaving the period. Shots through one were 9-8 for Detroit.

While managing to score, the second period didn’t go much better for Detroit. They’d get on the board to start the period, at 1:28, when the Canadiens turned the puck over this time, and it came to Riley Sheahan, who let off a wrister in the top-corner short-side as Carey Price was already down on his knees, to make it 2-1 Montreal. The Canadiens would strike back though, at 11:03, as the Wings lost a faceoff in their own zone, and Niklas Kronwall was interfered with on the play and knocked down with no call. The puck skittered back to David Desharnais, who flicked it into the far-side of the net around traffic to make it 3-1 Montreal. Shots through two periods were 20-18 for the Red Wings.

The third period was an explosion of offense from both sides. Detroit would open the period by cutting the deficit to one again, at 1:24, when Tomas Tatar took the puck through the slot, waiting out a defender and letting off a wrist shot to the stick side of Price and in to make it 3-2 Canadiens. He’d do it again roughly three minutes later, at 4:30, when he took a pass from the side of the net to the front, and let off a wrist shot to the far-side on Price and in to tie the game 3-3. Montreal wouldn’t take it laying down though, as they put another up at 5:47, when the linesmen missed an offsides on the play as Montreal rushed the net. Max Pacioretty let off a shot that deflected off Kronwall on its way to the net and past Howard for the 4-3 lead again.  They’d do it again at 11:15, when the Wings lost another defensive zone faceoff. A shot would be let off from the point as no one covered the slot, when Thomas Vanek flew through and easily redirected the shot past Howard for the 5-3 lead. Detroit would start the comeback fight at 11:36, when Johan Franzen came into the Montreal zone late, and took a well-placed pass from Gustav Nyquist and let off a shot in the slot to the far-side and past Price for the 5-4 score. They would take a late penalty, and ultimately fail in the 6-on-5 attempt in the last minute, to seal the 5-4 loss, and lose out on yet another big 2 points.

Tonight’s game was an inverse of how they normally play; they came out in the first and played like crap, but finished strong in the third. They looked like a team that didn’t even know they were playing a game tonight, especially a game with such big ramifications. They need to get it together, and now. The margin for error is all but gone now. We need every last point available, and a bit of a blessing from the hockey gods, to even have a chance at the playoffs. Next game is Saturday night against the Toronto Maple Leafs, an even bigger game than tonight. See you then, Nation.

-Nathan Webb


  1. What happens when the officials don't call an offside and at the end of the game a hook? This right here.

  2. Yeah that was another awful game by the wings. They can't lose 3 in a row at this point. Huge win is an understatement for Saturday...

  3. Can't blame anyone but the team... minus the young line... Defense was sloppy like they've been on and off all season.. bad bounces in the net.. wipe it off come again tomorrow

  4. I know, Howard has to stop everything that comes his way when the defense gives him 2 on 1s up the pooper. By the way, you don't put a space inbetween your last letter and you punctuation marks, bud.

  5. Gotta love the Howie haters. He gives in one bad goal the D is non existant and the calls dont go our way. On to Toronto!!!

  6. Who cares about grammar ?? Im frigging pissed that our goalie sucks ...he's no Hasek or Ozzy that's for sure !

  7. We burned a game in hand tonight, and if we lose to Toronto on Saturday they go up two points on us, not to mention if any other teams around us win and push us down to the bottom of the jam. We no longer have any games in hand on Washington, only one left on Toronto, and Columbus has one up on us. I'm not saying 100% if they don't win they don't make it. I'm saying that it becomes exponentially harder and, from my viewpoint seeing what they've done so far this late in the season, I don't think they'd be able to claw their way back. -NW

  8. You can blame howard for maybe one goal but there was too many odd man rushes, but our kids showed a lot of heart coming back from 2 in the 3rd

  9. Sorry, only that first goal was on Howie. The other ones were crappy luck and crappy team-play. -NW

  10. Can't win games with mediocre defense & below average goaltending,this was the case tonight & everyone saw it.

  11. I just see a bunch if dumbasses who wouldnt know hockey if it hit them on the head. Blame your goalie for crappy defensive play.. Smh

  12. Refs blew the 4th goal by the Habs but!!! 30 seconds before Johan (don't go in the tough spots) Franzen missed an easy rebound because after he passed the puck he stayed on the boards instead of doing what EVERY COACH I played for said to do DRIVE To THE NET

  13. Remember when the NHL wanted to crack down on interference? The 2-0 goal was definite interference.

  14. How could anyone blame howard? Last time I checke, I only played for 23 years but you have 5 guys you have to skate through to get to the net. Defence is horrid. And a great team does not lose due to bad calls. Come on man.

  15. Getting really tired of everytime the wings lose u blame the defense Howard sucks maybe one day u guys will realize this he sucked when we had lidstrom, rafalski just to name good d men in his tenure guess what still no cups cause we don't have a elite goaltender his time is up tine to move on

  16. Granted we had turnovers odd man rushes elite goalies make those saves we don't have one

  17. When their go-ahead goal at the time came off of a blown offsides which, if called and the goal prevented, could have sent the game into OT? Yeah, you most definitely can lose thanks to blown calls. I promise you that circus of a loss in Columbus wasn't just a giant collective deuce by the team, either. -NW

  18. Seems like this whole season the players and the head coach put more effort into the Olympics than they did for the wings which is their job. I hope Nhl is done giving players to the Olympics

  19. Every time you come on here, your argument about elite goaltenders is that "they make those saves". Yet you disappear in the games where Howard DOES make "those saves". You simply cannot expect a goalie to stop every. single. puck. It's never going to happen. Do strings of 2 or 3 shutouts happen? Sure, there are always miracles here and there. Fact is that the last handful of games, when the defense got caught standing or made a bad play, Howard HAS been there to bail them out. He let in a softie tonight and got burned by the defense again tonight and some bad puck luck. Unless you're gonna make an argument with more weight and logic than just "he needs to make those stops" and "he sucks" every time we lose, you might wanna quit while you're behind, because you're just making yourself look less and less credible. -NW

  20. How can you put blame on babcock? He's taken a group of young kids from Grand Rapids and has them competing with top nhl teams and keeping up with them. A coach that can keep a team in the playoff race with an extremely injury stricken team is a pretty damn good coach to me.

  21. I'm not saying everyone that's not realistic what I'm saying when it counts
    i'm sorry Jimmy has been with us a while now and with great talent in front
    of him and still no cup and this year when we need him most to step up and
    be a leader I dont see it love his heart only if it showed on the ice all
    teams turn it over give up odd man rushes it comes down too who has the
    better goaltending well and luck I suppose lol

  22. Detroit Sports Nation is right. Everyone loves to put blame on howie. Did anyone see the rest of his saves tonight? They were pretty damn good stops. How can one put the fate of a team on one person? It's ignorant as hell. The D was sloppy and obviously it showed.

  23. So what if we don't make the playoffs? That streak is going to end sometime. I am glad and excited all our young studs are stepping up and looking good. Wings will be dirty next year...and if we don't make the postseason, it will serve our future better (give up lower round pick for legwand). Just my two cents.

  24. You're always saying we should have gone for Miller when he was available. How many Cups does Buffalo have? Oh wait, they have none. So that mean Miller is a crappy goaltender too, right? By your logic, anyway. -NW

  25. We have better talent then buffalo look back and see how many games he lost
    by 1 goal or else more then any other goaltender

  26. Everyone blames Howard, but where is the blame on our shitty defense? Sure Howard isn't being as stellar as years past but he is not even close to the wings biggest problem.
    I think where the wings lack is that leadership from our veterans and the defenses inability to actually play some defense. Stop blaming Howard and start realizing there is more of an issue here than him.

  27. The day they announced that the Wings were moving to the Eastern Conference, I knew their playoff streak would end

  28. Im not saying that blown calls can not alter games. Think about the times when we had true talent in detroit. Did blown calls make the same impact? Detroit is in serious trouble without talented D.

  29. Really??? You think this is JIMMY'S fault? Smith plays for the other team for most of the game in every game!

  30. have faith, i`m a Montreal fan 1st and Detroit 2nd anybody but Toronto and Boston ,,i`ve always had respect for the Wings organization.

  31. people love you as long as you're perfect at what you do...Howard's a great goalie, come on boys!!!! See you on the 11th to cheer you on!


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