Detroit Red Wings Eliminated in 5 Games in Round 1 by Boston Bruins



The Detroit Red Wings are eliminated from the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Boston Bruins in 5 games, dropping Game 5 by a score of 4-2 and the series 4-1.

The Red Wings came out into this elimination game looking very sluggish. Their movement through the neutral zone and entries into Boston’s zone were very choppy.  Boston would get themselves on the board first, yet again on another power play. On the rush, the puck would be passed from the wing to the front of the net to Loui Eriksson, who put it around Jonas Gustavsson for the 1-0 lead at 3:27 of the first. Shots through one period were 11-8 for Boston.

Detroit managed to wake up a bit and get themselves back in the game slightly in the second period. Striking on a power play of their own, Henrik Zetterberg would take a shot from the point that was saved by Tuukka Rask, but the rebound got away from him. It skittered to Pavel Datsyuk rushing the net, and he potted it past Rask to tie the game 1-1 at 14:41. Looking like they would leave the period tied, Boston played heartbreaker again and put up another, on a 4-on-3 power play. Zdeno Chara would take a pass from the far corner and one-time the puck on Gustavsson, beating him top-corner and taking a 2-1 lead with just 4 seconds left in the period. Shots through two were 24-20 Boston.

Third period was much of the same as the rest of the series was for Detroit. Boston would score again early, when the Red Wings failed to clear the puck from their zone and had it brought back up the wing. It’d be passed to the front of the net to a waiting Milan Lucic, who redirected it around Gustavsson for the 3-1 lead at 4:27. Detroit would attempt the comeback though, and got an uplifting goal late by the captain. In a scrum in front of the net, Justin Abdelkader put a shot on Rask up close that was stopped, and the rebound went out the side of the crease to Zetterberg, who roofed it top-corner over Rask from a tight angle to cut the lead to 3-2 at 16:08. The season-ender would come on the impeding 6-on-5 for Detroit in the waning moments of the game. After winning an offensive-zone faceoff, they’d lose possession to Boston just after, and have it carried out to center ice. Jerome Iginla took a quick pass and then wristed the puck from center ice into the Detroit net, taking the 4-2 lead, and ending the Red Wings’ short playoff run. Final shot totals were tied 33 apiece.

It was a great little run at the end of the season. Doing what they did this year with an (unofficial team-reported) 421 man-games lost to injury, and the players that happened to be injured in that time, it was still a successful year. A lot of youngsters that got a shot this season because of the injuries will more than likely see regular ice-time next season and take the spots of some of the vets. We’ll more than likely see quite a few departures from the team next season, as they transition to being a younger, speedier team than they’ve been in seasons past. We can only hope they can find that kind of success next year, and hope that everyone can recover well over the offseason and stay healthy going into next season. See you all for the draft!

-Nathan Webb


  1. Oh come on, our power play was piss poor pathetic. Penalty kill wasn't very good either. Refs didn't help but its our responsibility at the end of the day

  2. Truth. ~2 power play goals in five games and upwards of 15 attempts is awful. Let's hope that's a huge facet of their practice going into next season. -NW

  3. I like their team going forward, especially if they get rid of bertuzzi, cleary, samuelsuck, and hopefully franzen

  4. bright future with some young talented forwards :) ...time to dump Franzen and Alfie and get some veteran grinders !!!

  5. The fact they even made the playoffs despite all the injuries is amazing enough. This team will be a force in 2014-2015.

  6. Too many extra passes should of just shot at the net and try to score off a rebound. The Datsyuk and Zetterberg goals were off rebounds.

  7. Future is bright for sure with these youngsters, just need a little more seasoning. Wouldn't mind some gritty and tough players.

  8. hey its all good DSN they can add a few more players and they can get right back in the con finals

  9. We will be better in the next few years. All these young players have to grow and mature a bit more but we will get there.

  10. If you dont like the wings stop watching. For me they are the greatest team ever! I'm a red wing fan for life!!!!

  11. If Wings stay healthy the next few years will be good. With so many people down there was little cohesion. Excited for next year!

  12. I was hoping. But did anyone really think they were going to go far this post season (:?) I didnt

  13. memo to detriot! not even in the same league as a boston phily or pitt or montreal but there are some quality teams in the west chomping at the bit to get to the finals and they will be major physical just like boston is

  14. Maybe they can get it together next and stop being first round fallouts.... Gus played well for being thrown in last minute

  15. love my red wings but something has to change. I firmly believe Ken Holland is nearing the end of his tenure as GM of the wings. What has he done since the early 2000s? nothing. please dont say HE drafted well, its scouts that finds those gems. He resigned Franzen while letting one of the best 2way forwards walk away (HOSSA). He traded a 1st rd pick for Kyle Quincey (yes, im serious) and most recently, traded away a #1 center prospect in Jarnkrok and what is now a 2nd rd pick for Legwand who most likely wont be resigned this offseason. Add all that to now being able to lure in top flight free agents and his extremely questionable FA signings of TooToo, Cleary, Bertuzzi and Samuellson. I do like the direction of the team and the youth movement that is beginning to take place. This offseason the Wings have over 18 million to work with. Better make it count. Get creative and build on what you already have.

  16. As a red wings fan, I wanted them to win the cup. Unfortunately, I knew also that they wouldn't make it that far as a NHL follower. They played a great end of the regular season and 1st playoff game.We have 18 million $ this offseason. Trade or get some HUGE free agents. Nyquist and Tatar are the future of the team. They are going back into the best team contention. It was a great run and all that matters is that we made the playoffs for a 23rd straight years As always, Go Wings Go!

  17. Pretty obvious the makeup of the team has got to change. Big, strong and fast is the wave of the future.

  18. I wonder if Steve I wear more makeup then most girls Weiss, will ever decide to be a hockey player again. What a $25 million waste!!!! As soon as we signed him and I heard about his injuries from Florida, my gut told me it was a bad deal. Unbelievable. Two good big, fast defenseman and two big power forwards should help. Nice to see Howard,played well, stinks he was out but big Gus is a keeper no doubt, oh well. I want to smack luckick and chara. Boston, may your cheaper dirty tricks follow you into Canada.

  19. Need a number one goalie. Howard and the Monster are great back ups. Need a top four defenseman as well if we are to go deep into the playoffs.

  20. but we will be back in the fall and our GR kids will have a season under their belts..>WAY TO GO GUYS!

  21. "team support" mean support the team, not bash them...arm chair hockey player, so nice. no team is perfect, we did great with all our new kids,, they will be a force to reckon with soon, great job guys!

  22. Thank you guys for a great season die hard fan from Florida, I will be ready for y'all next year!!!!

  23. Rask is a monster. Boston is a big team, moves the puck well and plays good D. They were the better team and I just wish we would have locked up that 7 seed... I think we would have beaten Pitt. Time to clean up our roster and get faster.

  24. Time to trade em while you can get value! Youth takes over. Hank your a great hockey player when you can lace em up. But your best days are dead n gone. Gus should be the new face of hockey town!

  25. Love you guys win or lose! Thanks for a 23rd straight year in the playoffs...let's do it again next April!

  26. Safe to say that hank, Pav, and kronner are the only seasoned veterans returning next year.

  27. I hope that the keep all the youth and not re sign legwand cleary or Alfie and see what they can pick up in the off season

  28. Good year considering the injuries. Need blue line help and SIZE!!! Finess doesn't win in the NHL Playoffs

  29. Gerin Ray Peters so if yr a fan you say good game wtg lmao noooo the sucked at defence stupid d play

  30. Wings had a lot of injury's this year Weiss was a bust maybe he can come back next year and be good with all the talent of the young kids coming in I think next year may be a good year for the wings. Wings need to bring us the cup back to Hockey town 2015.

  31. They beat a team that was a partial #AHL team with Howard in net. Hopefully, they do as well against an #NHL team with a real net minder. I wish Monster had been our 1st string and we didn't have so many injuries. 23 yrs is no joke though. HEY HEY HOCKEYTOWN!!!

  32. I'll be OK with one more run at the cup with the core group. We were just too banged up this season.

  33. Here is where the whole Hockeytown thing is a joke. How many of these hardcore fans will watch the second round? My guess is less than 10 percent of you. Hey hey Red Wing town.

  34. Though the day was dark, the future is bright. We saw a lot of positive things happen this season with our young guys. Go Wings!

  35. Howie actually wasn't that great the entire season. Much more impressed with Jonas Gustavsson.

  36. Z and Pavel will be healthy come October, the "kids" will be better, hopefully the goaltending issues will be addressed, a few of the veterans will have to be dealt with, released or traded (?)... next season for the Wings looks promising, they will make the playoffs for the 24th consecutive season ....

  37. Howard does not suck. A .910 Save Percentage in 51 games earned him a spot with the top 22 goalies in the league. Franzen got 41 points in 54 games and is one of the top players on our roster. We win some, we lose some. We are still in the process of rebuilding our team and we are still experimenting. Yet we still make the playoffs every year. 23 straight years in the playoffs is an awesome accomplishment. The Red Wings are an upstanding team. Win or lose, they deserve respect. 82+ games a year.

  38. Get Franzen out of town! 10 mill a year..... For what? He should be a magician cause he dissapears!

  39. Always tough to lose in the first round. However, just making the playoffs was an accomplishment considering how many injuries they had. Difficult to deal with those, almost on a game-by-game basis, coupled with how young and inexperienced the Wings were.

  40. Honestly I think we need to get rid of Franzen and Howard could be better all season long im talking about I think wee need to think about getting another starting goalie

  41. Troy soik how about you get out there and show them how it's done next year, until then stfu and support not hate


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