Detroit Red Wings Still Grounded With Injuries, Fall 5-2 to ANA


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The Detroit Red Wings phone one in, as they drop a blowout decision 5-2 to the Anaheim Ducks.

Calling the first period for the Red Wings a disaster would be a compliment. They managed to open the scoring, but wouldn’t get any further than that. At 3:15, Drew Miller put a short pass up to a flying Tomas Jurco in alone, who put a move on Jonas Hiller to put the puck in 5-hole for the first of the night, and his first career NHL goal. Anaheim would take over from there, starting at 3:40, when Jakob Silfverberg took a rebounded slap shot off of the board and batted it past Jonas Gustavsson uncovered to tie the game 1-1 in short order. At 5:29, Teemu Selanne ran over Gustavsson behind his net with no call. The puck would get passed from behind to the front to a waiting Nick Bonino, again uncovered, who one-timed the pass home to take the 2-1 lead. They weren’t done though, as at 18:16 Corey Perry on a 4-on-4, at the tail end of a Kyle Quincey 5-minute major, came in the zone up the wing with speed and snapped a quick wrister to the far-side and beat Gustavsson to make it 3-1. Monster would get pulled in place of Petr Mrazek at that point. It didn’t take long for him to become a victim as well, though, with less than a second left in the period, Sami Vatanen came into the zone and took a pass from the corner to the faceoff circle and let off a wrist shot to the near side as Mrazek was sliding back in anticipation of the pass and it got past him to make the 4-1 score after the first period. Shots after one were 12-5 in favor of Anaheim.

The second period wasn’t much better, although the Wings only let in one goal. It was at 12:26, right off of a lost faceoff, Saku Koivu fought to the loose puck and let off a quick backhander that glanced Brendan Smith’s leg on its way to Mrazek, and changed direction just enough to beat him and make it 5-1 after two periods. Shots were 22-12 in favor of the Ducks.

The Wings would only muster a single goal in the third period to cut the deficit to 3 goals. At 18:02, Luke Glendening fought behind the Ducks’ net along the boards with the puck and managed to get a pass off to Danny Cleary in front of the net, who one-timed the pass through traffic and past Hiller to make the final score of 5-2. Shots through the game ended up 30-18 in favor of Anaheim.

There just wasn’t a lot of oomph right from the get-go. They got the Jurco goal early, but didn’t build on the momentum. And their play through the neutral zone and defense around their own net early were both completely atrocious. We can only hope that, with the impending Quincey suspension most likely looming ahead, we get DeKeyser back soon to fill in that 6th spot. They’ll be back at it again Thursday night against the Calgary Flames. See you then, Nation.

-Nathan Webb



  1. Put a really bad hit from behind on Getzlaf and sent him face-first into the boards. Took a 5-minute major and a match. Very very likely he gets at least a game, even if Getzlaf turned into it a little bit. Hit him square in the numbers. -NW

  2. Nobody to blame but the injuries. It's basically the Griffins vs the 2nd best team in the NHL out there.

  3. That was the best hockey play Kyle has had all season. Too bad he couldn't have hit Perry at the same time from behind.

  4. Red Wings have problems, not much doubt about that. But every team goes through those dismal periods now and then. It's difficult to watch, but they'll be back eventually. Probably not this year, unfortunately. Hockeytown doesn't roll over and die easily.

  5. I think Arby's should alter their promotion a bit. Perhaps offer free curly fries if the Wings win on home ice. Go with the times.

  6. I'm a fan until the day I die, but I will never sugarcoat any bad situation. The truth is the Wings are not a good team, and the only reason they are being kept afloat is that the Eastern Conference is terrible. The Metropolitan Division is vomit inducing, and the Atlantic isn't much better.

  7. Real fans do sugar-coat things, in my opinion. They stand by their GM, the guys on the ice, and never just call it a season. We are not even at the midway point, we are losing because the team that the legendary GM Ken Holland put together is hurting, bad, And the fact of the matter is, Kyle Quincy is a good hockey player. He hardly ever pinches in too much, if he does he backchecks like no other, and he is one of the best penalty killers I can see in all of hockey. He just needs to look where he is passing. But I'm a real fan, and I stand by my team, and make excuses, I don't except losing.

  8. I had to cover MY eyes, also. I thought DeKeyser might not return until after Christmas but in time for the Winter Classic. Is there any team in the NHL with more injuries than the Wings?

  9. so if we have something to say about them losing games we are bandwagon fans? that's what it sounds like your saying to me


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