Jonathan Ericsson Still Not 100% After Finger Surgery

While his 2013-2014 campaign started off on a decent track, Red Wings' blueliner Jonathan Ericsson saw his season end early when he fractured a finger and was determined to...

While his 2013-2014 campaign started off on a decent track, Red Wings' blueliner Jonathan Ericsson saw his season end early when he fractured a finger and was determined to need surgery to fix and stabilize it. While the surgery was successful, Ericsson admits that he is still not 100% recovered and does not see it being much different for the start of the season.

Despite this fact, Ericsson does say he will be ready to play come the start of the season on October 9th. He's logged top-pairing minutes the last two season alongside countryman Niklas Kronwall, and has seemed to come into his own along they way, developing at a rapid pace.

The big question remains: with his playing still not at 100%, do you pair him at the top with Kronwall, or does Babcock take the minutes easy on him and let Danny DeKeyser log some top-pairing minutes, while Ericsson uses time on the 2nd or 3rd pairing to recover? Let us know what you think!

-Nathan Webb

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  1. William Center says:

    Slip down... need to make sure he's ready to go 100 percent with out fear of re-injuring.

  2. Jason Keller says:

    Slip down

  3. Mike Miller says:

    Let dekyser or kindl log those minutes and get them some valuable time while Ericsson works his way back

  4. Pete Ettinger says:

    Dekeyser needs to sign a new contract first, which I'm sure he will, just don't know when

  5. Detroit Sports Nation says:

    DeKeyser has already come out and publicly stated that he has no doubts that a deal is going to get done. He only wants to play for us. So it's just a matter of them sitting down and hashing it out. -NW

  6. Brady Krizanic says:

    Kindl is terrible, it's a finger injury I'm sure he can manage

  7. JackMullz says:

    Smith plays best with Kronwall, so put Ericsson on the second pairing with DeKeyser. Quincey and HOPEFULLY Ouellet will be on the third pair, with Kindl gone, and Lashoff as the 7th defenseman

  8. Timothy L'Huillier says:

    Slip him down to 3rd. More recovery time needed.

  9. Gail Foster says:

    He's my favorite. Do not slip him down

  10. Lisa A Munroe says:

    Let him fully recover and not risk injuring it again.

  11. Richard Spychaj says:

    Slide him to the 2nd line, give him recoup time but team time as well

  12. Rich Clark says:

    He's my favorite too but he needs to be 100% to be on first line.

  13. Tony Kowalski says:

    Amputate Quincy's finger and put it on Ericsson's

  14. David Chevalier says:

    No surprise. Has not played a full season yet.

  15. Chris Buchanan says:

    Go out and get a top defenseman. Because we don't have one right now.

  16. Harvey Rinke says:

    Broken finger! tape it up you sissy and play the game.

  17. Gregory Benson says:

    Let Sproul play.

  18. Bob Drexler says:

    Yeah we need to get him healthy, let dekyser fill in

  19. Bob Drexler says:

    Hey how are the wings gonna do this year? It's been pretty quiet about them lately

  20. Matthew Townley says:

    Let him lay down in the crease in front of Howard, maybe then he'll do something useful like block a shot.

  21. Stevlas Yzerstrom says:

    The number one defense pairing for Detroit should be Niklas Kronwall and Danny Dekeyser

  22. Brian Pehrson says:

    how about they just cut him and not deal with him at all?

  23. Matthew Vocino says:

    Shame on the staff if they bring him back before complete healing...