Pistons acquire Jose Calderon in 3-team deal


Pistons acquire Jose Calderon in 3-team deal

The Detroit Pistons have finally made a move. It may not be the most popular move with the fans but it's a smart move.

The Pistons were part of a 3-team deal that sends Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye to the Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis sends Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi to the Toronto Raptors, and Toronto sends Jose Calderon to the Pistons and sends Ed Davis a second-round draft pick to the Grizzlies. The deal has been agreed to in principle and the league office is reviewing the trade.

If this trade becomes approved, the Pistons have made a very nice move for the franchise. Calderon is 31 years old so he's only going to be a short term answer but the move shows that the Pistons have aspirations to make the playoffs. Calderon is a pass first point guard and he's averaging 11.1 points and 7.4 assists. He shoots 42.9 percent from deep and 47.0 percent overall. Brandon Knight and Will Bynum are not pass first point guards. Knight had a career high 31 points against the Magic on Sunday playing shooting guard.

Calderon also has $10.5 million on his expiring contract. Corey Maggette, Jason Maxiell, and Bynum also have expiring contracts. Detroit is going to have money to play with this summer and they're going to give chase to O.J. Mayo and Josh Smith in the offseason.

TayshaunPrinceAs for the players leaving, Prince and Daye they'll be missed in the Motor City. Prince was the last player remaining from the 2004 championship team and he finishes 8th on the Pistons all-time scoring list. Who could forget that chase down block against Reggie Miller in the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals? We're all going to miss you in Detroit and good luck in Memphis. It's a good soft landing for Prince who's going to a contending team with a defense first mentality. He'll play a good complementary role there.

As for Daye, he needed a change of scenery after a pretty unsuccessful time in Detroit.

-Ky Carlin

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  1. Prince had 2 more yrs, Austin's contract expires after this year, as well as the newly added Jose. Plus we gave up a draft pick. No big name free agents for next year for having alot of cap space,unless dumars is gonna get Chauncey and Rasheed next year!

  2. well i gues i like it. i think now that prince is gone they can move singler back to his natural position sf. and im guessing calderon will play sg. hes too good for the bench and they wouldnt move knight to sg. but the front court is still where this team will make its money so to speak, at least once monroe makes the permanent move to pf

  3. Great as long as someone good takes their money. I would hope that he would sit on some of it if he can't find anyone solid

  4. I LOVE IT! Finally they did something! My only worry is I hope to God there is not another Ben Gordon or Charlie V situation in FA next year.

  5. To Matt Towers, please stop commenting on DSN. It would make my life 200 times better. Throwing in the towel? This trade is trying to get us back to the playoff mix you moron.

  6. Even though I liked Austin Daye, I can't believe Joe D traded Tayshaun Prince for a guard when they have good guards already, they should've traded for another power forward instead. Its sad to me to see the last guy from the '04 championship team gone!

  7. I like it, but I am going to seriously miss the heck out of Tayshaun..trade Stuckey & I'll be super happpy.

  8. Nobody must want stuckey. Good trade. Finally have a true 1 spot. Helps our cap a ton. Just gotta get a high flying 3

  9. Calderon likes to pick and roll. Drummond is gonna have some fun. Calderon knows how to pass.

  10. Love the trade, we get a pure PG who can definitely will have a great time making the assists to Monroe and Drummond, also allows Brandon Knight to play SG and do what he's proficient at: shooting the long-range/3 point shots. Love Tayshaun and appreciate his time here, but it was time for him to go to a contender to try and win another one, fully deserves it. Feel bad for the Raptors though, lol.

  11. Can not believe how many idiots there are on this page. Throwing in the towel? Gave up too much? Are these serious statements? This was a HUGE step in the right direction, freeing up TONS of money and getting a good, true point guard, that even if he doesn't work out, comes off of the books right away should they choose not to pursue him. People that don't know sports focus solely on the players involved, and it's frustrating for the people that do.


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