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It’s clear that the Detroit Lions addressed a major need in selecting an above average OLB, and doing so in the early rounds of the NFL Draft. Kyle Van Noy is exactly what the Detroit Lions defense needed. Kyle Van Noy was the roommate of Ziggy Ansah at BYU, so they are already going to have some chemistry to build upon. And Detroit’s own DeAndre Levy can show Van Noy a thing or two about being an great OLB. The Detroit Lions played most of 2013 with Ashlee Palmer playing OLB, but he will hand the reigns over to Kyle Van Noy in 2014. Now that the Lions have a solid linebacker core to put behind their monstrous defensive line, they can focus on getting more pressure on opponents’ QB's.

Kyle Van Noy

Kyle Van Noy is an instant improvement to Detroit’s Linebackers of 2013. He is a responsive defender, with good speed bursts, and great ball skills. Although he isn’t known for being a pass rusher, he does get in the backfield very well when he is called to blitz. And, there is no doubt that Van Noy can get after the passer. Van Noy was all over the field his senior year at BYU, and is expected to do much of the same with the Detroit Lions. The Lions want to use Van Noy as a pass rusher, and to help get their big DT's, Suh and Fairley, freed up in the middle. Kyle Van Noy is known for being disruptive, and is going to give the NFC North's offense's some headaches.



  1. Great pick up. He's gonna provide some turnover opportunities and put pressure on the qb. Kid's got one heck of a motor and should give us a great spark on defense. Well done Mayhew!

  2. Who cares what the analysts say? They also said Johnny Manziel could be the 3rd overall pick lol Draft is over, and the Lions have one job now, win the NFC North. Championships aren't won in May.

  3. I like what I have seen so far this offseason. With a new coaching staff and draft picks... van noy to ebron. Needless to say our offense should be exciting to watch. Front 4 defensive line to our linebackers. Hopefully our secondary can produce, which I think the Will!

  4. You guys don't understand that our secondary had to cover much longer in the wide 9 which majority of the time only rushed 4. Teryl Austin is a former secondary coach with two solid veterans at corner and four 3 year or under corners. He also has a former player to coach that secondary in Ihedigbo. He plans on blitzing more often and putting pressure on the quarterback forcing them to throw earlier. Those young guys are coming into they're own and are gonna have some big seasons under Austin. Just wait. Stafford needed the weapons and I think ebron was a great pick up. Watkins, Evans, Gilbert, and Barr were all gone. He was the next best available on our board and he's gonna produce.

  5. We do report the situation as it is. The secondary got better last season, as the team got worse. Because of turnovers, not the secondary! And we back our claims up with stats, something that you never have done. Your best defense is the koolaid argument, kudos. You want Detroit news, you got it. Want us to report your own personal bs vendetta, not going to happen.

  6. Go Lions! Want to debate sports, do it respectfully, and professionally, or you won't be debating here. We all love Detroit, so we can all get along.

  7. Fair weather fans that know nothing of football make me sick. Lions know nothing of championships look them up they know a lot. Might be pre super bowl era but yes they won the top prize. Your gonna say not under the fords guess what they won the central division under the fords. Our secondary last year was the best it's been in awhile. Besides few small injuries they where healthy most of the year. The cb they picked up has major game. He has a nice wing span and break on the ball. So you'll say we'll analyst say he isn't good. Guess what analyst also said Tom Brady wouldn't be a good nfl QB. Saying we have cliff avril means you really don't pay attention to the game as his production dropped the last three seasons. The money he got was not worth 8 sacks. Funny how much he will drop with out suh in the middle. Draft was a good Draft we got needs in free agents and Draft and i for one am.excited for the Lions and for football. Bring it on north for a little black and blue football.

  8. They definitely did not "find" him. They got caught with their pants down and had to trade up to get him after realizing how stupid they are. Classic Leos.

  9. Brian Walker the lions have won a bunch of championships, just haven't won a SB........ yet

  10. Dan Dan Smith- how is our secondary the same???? Have you not heard of safety or the new cb's we brought in over the off-season? Or the new dc who is a secondary guru??? They will play better this year


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