Football at all levels across the country has reached that point in the season where it is playoff time or nearing it.

In the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (D-III), the St. Thomas Tommies (no joke, that’s their name) were on the verge of clinching a conference championship, a spot in the D-III playoffs and keeping their undefeated season alive.

On Saturday, they squared off with the Carleton Knights. UST scores a touchdown to go up 6-3. The team lines up for a PAT attempt and rather than just kicking it for one, they confidently pull off this crazy act for two.

They fake the kick, fake the pitch, followed by a no-look, behind-the-back heave into the air towards the end zone, which is reeled in by the tight end amongst a pair of defenders.

It is safe to say I’ve never seen that before.