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Detroit Sports Nation was built on one simple premise: Giving the fans a voice.

We're always looking for writers to help bolster our coverage of all the great sports teams in Detroit/Michigan. If you'd like to join our team please fill out the form below with the name of the writing position and a short message as to WHY you would like to join the DSN team. After 30 days of being a part of the team, you will be eligible to be considered for our revenue sharing program (You MUST have your own non-hosted Adsense account i.e used to be connected to a previous site to participate).

Our top performing* writers will be given access to a revenue share on all articles that they create. 

*Top Performing is considered as consistently delivering quality content and driving views to the articles you create. The Editors will review all requests for revenue sharing before a determination is made to accept you into the program. 

Some of our writers have found additional writing / Radio gigs at TSN, The Windsor Star, WXOU Oakland University, ESPN  Radio and the Armed Forces Radio Network. Some of our writers have even found internships at local newspapers/news stations.

Most recently the site was featured on NBC Sports, CBS Sports, SI.com, ESPN.com, Sports Center, Good Morning America, Detroit Free Press, Oakland Press, Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports.

The site currently serves over 650,000 people per month, with over 4,500,000 page views. On Facebook, we have a reach of over 3 million people per week.


Writing for DSN is a commitment. You will be representing our brand and the fans of Detroit to our vast network of loyal fans. From the 125,000+ fans on Facebook to our 5000+ fans on Twitter, to the millions of potential viewers throughout out other social platforms. Please do not apply if you can not contribute on a consistent basis, as we value our team and the relationships we build with our fans through our dedication to bringing only the best news and content to our visitors.

Interested? Want to know more? Head on over and complete our online application by clicking the link below. It will give us a chance to better know you and see an example of your writing. We’ll ask for some insight into why you want to join us. We’ll be in touch from there to answer all of your questions.


Fill out an application


  1. Just applied!

  2. Detroit Sports Nation

    Thanks Maxwell Give us a little time to go through applications, I will be in touch! ~JB

  3. Detroit Sports Nation

    This is a guy's dream job...For real though.

  4. Now your talking my lingo

  5. Yea unless you the member of DSN Detroit Yankee... Errr tigers fans turn on and blast like Inge, Rayburn, valverde,
    This is exciting news though, finally someone on the Internet who will post pictures of females, talk about beer, and send us links to Kimbo Slice's newest football tackling video. What's the opposite of revolutionizing the industry?

  6. Applied!

  7. Detroit Sports Nation

    FYI Paul, the links will remain on the site - the Mancave is not for Facebook (maybe its own page). The dsn page will remain about sports.

  8. Matthew Theodore Samuelson

    I'd consider it but somehow I don't think I'd be picked 😉

  9. Peter Sabbag here you go!!

  10. Does Ky Carlin already have all the Hoops covered?

  11. Pretty much lol

  12. But I can always use some help

  13. Michael Buzzitta ???

  14. I could write an article or three about MSU hoops and I be pretty good at the English

  15. Gerald McElreath, Ryan Harbour

  16. I'd do it and I have the resume but you guys hate my takes so...

  17. U shld pay me for my comments , because they are pure brilliance

  18. What's the compensation? Cash? Tickets?

  19. I recommend Jeff Locher

  20. Thanks boss

  21. Detroit Sports Nation

    The writers get exposure. We all work on a volunteer basis. As the site grows, the plan is to compensate the writers, however we have some time before that happens. As it stands we make just enough to cover server costs and other operational costs.
    We will be aggressivly pursuing media credentials however.

  22. Detroit Sports Nation

    Jeff - fill out an application in the link above

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