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    In just a few hours, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the Dallas Cowboys in the final Super Wild Card matchup of the weekend. If you are a Detroit Lions fan and love the NFL Playoffs, there is no doubt that you will already be watching tonight's game. That being said, even if you are not a fan of the NFL Playoffs, you should tune in for tonight's game as there is a potential free agent who could land with the Lions in 2023.

    Which Super Wild Card free agent could land with the Detroit Lions?

    Detroit Lions NFL All-Pro

    There are a couple of big-time potential free agents who will be playing tonight, including Dallas Cowboys RB Tony Pollard, but since there is zero chance that the Lions GB Brad Holmes would sign Pollard, we will shift our interest to one player who the Lions should strongly consider signing if he hits free agency.

    That player is Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback, Jamel Dean.

    Dean, who is still just 26 years old, would be one of the best free agent cornerbacks available if he hits free agency, and the Detroit Lions will certainly be looking to add a cornerback during the upcoming offseason.

    According to Spotrac, Dean is expected to land a 5-year, $42,325,580 deal, which averages out to $8,465,116 per year. To be honest, that AAV seems a bit low, but if the Lions can get him for that amount, it would be solid value.

    That being said, Holmes has not shown that he is willing to make a big splash in free agency, so Dean may end up being out of his price range.

    Nation, would you like to see the Lions go after Dean if he hits free agency?

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