10 Most important things to watch for in Lions training camp

[tps_title]#3 – How will Haloti Ngata adapt to a new defense?[/tps_title]

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Can Haloti Ngata replace Ndamukong Suh? No. Does Haloti Ngata have to replace Ndamukong Suh? No.

Ngata is an excellent defensive player who will be a leader for the Lions defense in 2015. The one concern is that he will be playing in a base 4-3 defense compared to the 3-4 he played in Baltimore.

Basically, while playing the 3-4, Ngata was expected to stuff the run at all costs and quarterback pressure was just a bonus. In the 4-3, he will still be asked to shut down the running game but will also be expected to provide pressure on the quarterback up the middle.

If Ngata can adapt quickly, which I suspect he will, the Lions defense will not miss Suh as much as some may expect.

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