10 Most-outstanding plays in Michigan football history

If you are a fan of the Michigan Wolverines, you have had the opportunity to see some pretty amazing plays throughout the years.

Here are what we think are the top 10 plays in Michigan football history, or at least the ones we could actually find a video for!

What do you think Wolverine Nation? What play do you think is the biggest in the history of Michigan Football?

#10 – Henne to Manningham beats Penn State


#9 – Denard Robinson's first play as quarterback


#8 – Tim Biakabutuka runs for 313 yards vs. Ohio State


#7 – Denard Robinson's 87-yard touchdown at Notre Dame


#6 – Tyrone Wheatley scores on a pass against Notre Dame


#5 – Anthony Carter's game-winner vs. Indiana


#4 – Desmond Howard makes a diving catch against the Irish


#3 – Charles Woodson punt return vs. Ohio State


#2 – Desmond Howard – Hello Heisman


#1 – Charles Woodson one-handed pick vs. Michigan State