10 ‘Real’ reasons why it’s great to be a fan of the Detroit Lions


While most NFL team’s fans spend their Sundays basking in chicken wings, beer and tailgating – Lions fans are preparing themselves to endure another roller-coaster season of Detroit Football. We decided it was time to put out a list that showcased the “Real” reason it is great to be a Lions fan – of course, we could get into some wings and beer too… just saying.

So, let’s get to it, here are the 10 “real” reasons why it’s great to be a Lions fan!

*Of course, we are just having a bit of fun here, no need to get bent out of shape 🙂 GO LIONS!

Jared Goff: Top 10 or Bottom out? x
Jared Goff: Top 10 or Bottom out?

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10) Preseason Champs! (But not lately)

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By the time late July/early August rolls around in Michigan, Lions fans have had plenty of time to lick their wounds from the previous season and to build up excitement for what is sure to come. A Super Bowl run! At least that’s what they are banking on!

Who needs Super Bowl trophies when you are the undisputed Preseason Champions? For whatever reason, overall in the past decade or so, the Lions have always seemed to fare well in the games that mean absolutely nothing.

You’ve gotta give it to the Lions, they sure do know how to get their fans excited for a new season!

NOTE: The Lions sure let us down this preseason as they finished 0-4!

9) High draft picks are fun

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If there is one benefit from having an overwhelmingly high number of horrendous seasons, it’s that your team will also have a large number of high draft picks (no pun intended Charles Rogers). Too soon? I think not, so just relax.

Since 2002, the Lions have picked in the top 10 and astounding 11 times! Talk about excitement for the fans! By the time January rolls around, many NFL fan bases are stressed out about whether or not their team will make the playoffs. Ain’t nobody got time for that! In Detroit, we are already gearing up for what we know will be an exciting draft night.

After all, when you have general managers such as Matt Millen and Martin Mayhew who bless the city with top 10 picks such as Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers (RIP), Mike Williams, and Eric Ebron, who would not be excited?

8) The Jokes

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One of my favorite parts about being a die-hard Lions fan is hearing all of the cool jokes about my team. I mean, if our team is terrible, what’s wrong with a little bit of comic relief?

Here are a couple of my personal favorites. If you have any additional jokes that make you roll on the floor, please post them on the Facebook page for us all to enjoy.

Q: What do you call a quarterback who can’t win on the road against a team with a winning record?

A: A Staff infection.

Q. How are the Detroit Lions like my neighbors?

A. They can’t pick up a single yard!

Q: What do you call a Detroit Lion with a Super Bowl ring?

A: A thief.

If you want to hear more, just click here. What? You thought I made those up on my own? Don’t be silly, I have better things to do with my time than to poke fun at the team I care about so dearly.

7) Your Weekends in January are free!

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Thinking about planning a weekend trip in January? Maybe a nice trip to Traverse City to check out the wineries? If so, don’t worry about the Lions putting a wrench in those plans. In the Super Bowl era (1967-present), the Lions have qualified for the NFL Playoffs only 12 times. In those 12 appearances, the Lions have a record of 1-12.

By not qualifying for the playoffs on a regular basis, the Lions organization is clearly showing how much they care about the time of their fans. A hell of a preseason and a 16 game regular season that usually ends poorly is plenty for us, so we thank you.

6) You probably have an interesting jersey collection

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Raise your hand if you still have a Joey Harrington jersey. My hand is up high. What about a Charles Rogers (RIP) jersey? Yep, my hand is up for that one too.

One of the benefits of being a fan of the Detroit Lions is that we get a bunch of big-name college stars to play for our team. Harrington, Rogers, Roy and Mike Williams, Ernie Sims, and Ndamukong Suh, to name a few. When those guys were in college they were superstars destined for greatness and Lions’ fans flocked to buy their jerseys. Now when we open our man-closets we see a beautiful collection of some of the greats to play in Detroit. For this Detroit Lions, we thank you.

Projecting the 2022 Detroit Lions starting defense

5) We always have a reason to ignore our family on Thanksgiving

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Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spending Thanksgiving with my family as much as the next guy does, but let’s be honest. There comes a point where even your favorite relatives wear out their welcome. Many may not admit it, but this usually happens around noon time in the homes of most Lions’ fans.

So, who comes to rescue you from that awkward conversation with your aunt about how many more kids you are planning on having, and whether or not you are currently trying? The Detroit Lions!

Every Thanksgiving, no matter what their current record may be, the Lions will be playing football and as a die-hard fan, you absolutely must watch them. See ya later auntie, time to watch the Lions!

4) The Lions only have 12 playoff losses in the past 60+ years!

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Can you imagine being a fan of a team that regularly qualifies for the playoffs? How terrible would that be? I mean think about it. Only one team can win it all during any given season, with means the other 11 teams and their fan bases have their hearts ripped out. That’s tough to deal with. Seriously, is that a feeling you enjoy having?

You see, during the years the Lions do not make the playoffs, which seems to be most years, they are actually doing us a favor. As long as our team does not get in then they cannot break our hearts as they did recently in 2014 against Dallas and in 2011 against New Orleans.

3) Lions’ fans learn to deal with disappointment at a young age

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The Lions are not a great football organization. Heck, they are not a remotely good football organization!

Since I have been born the Lions have never been a great football team. Heck, I’m starting to believe the Lions will never be a great football team.

That being said, as a fan of the Detroit Lions for roughly 35 years now, I can say the team has made me a stronger person. I can deal with disappointment like no other person I know and I credit the Lions organization with making me the person I am today.

So, force your kids to sit down with you and watch every Lions game. Oh, it’s a Sunday night game or a Monday night game and they have school the next day? Stop crying and do what is best for your kid. They will clearly learn much more about how to deal with disappointment than they would ever learn in school anyway.

2) The Lions have accomplished what (almost) no other team has

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There is a common saying, “records are made to be broken.” That may be true, but the record that the Lions set back in 2008 is a record that no NFL team touched until the Cleveland Browns equaled the mark in 2017.

During the Lions “defeated” 2008 season in which saw the team finish 0-16, we saw the complete opposite of greatness. The Lions players and coaches knew they were going to lose each week, but that did not stop them from taking the field and pretending to try. The fans knew the Lions were going to lose every week, but that did not stop them from watching and pretending to care.

1) Forward Down the Field!

Is there anything better than sitting at Ford Field following a Lions touchdown and listing to “Forward Down the Field?” I think not! What a well-written piece of music, I’m shocked that it has not won awards. Someday, when the Lions win a Super Bowl, the entire nation will be singing along with us!

Note: Darius Slay does not agree!




Nation, why do you love being a Lions fan?






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