10 Times Miguel Cabrera acted like a Little League player [Video]

Nobody loves a good laugh more than Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera. It is often said that Cabrera is just a big kid out there playing baseball, and the following videos will prove that to be very true. It doesn’t matter who you are, no one is safe from the antics of Miggy.

#10 Miggy Messes With Beltre

It is no secret around the baseball community that Texas Rangers‘ third baseman Adrian Beltre does not like to have his head touched. That does not matter to Cabrera, who uses an opportunity to the fullest to make Beltre feel uncomfortable. Beltre tries to retaliate against Cabrera, who just comes back with more retaliation of his own.


#9 Miggy Breaks Out Some Dance Moves

There is no other time during the season when players like to have fun than during the All-Star game. Though Cabrera likes to have fun at every chance he gets, he gets more of an opportunity during the All-Star game. He took this moment to show off a few of his dance skills on third base before eventually scoring.


#8 Cabrera Greets Altuve In A Way Only Cabrera Can


The height difference between Miguel Cabrera and Jose Altuve is pretty noticeable. The weight difference between the two is even greater. That is why, when Cabrera goes to greet Altuve prior to a game, Cabrera is able to throw Altuve over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. This may be the only player that it is easy to do that too.


#7 Cabrera Tries To Feed His Teammates

Who doesn’t get a little hungry during a baseball game? Cabrera took some time out of his day to try and ensure that his teammate had a meal during a game while they were watching from the dugout.


#6 Miggy Tries To Stop Ball Sailing Into Stands

Cabrera is a man of the people. He even tries to stop foul balls that go sailing into the stands. Unfortunately this time, it came at the cost of his glove. Luckily he was able to retrieve it in exchange for a baseball. Good trade on his part.

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#5 Abreu leaves Miggy hanging after a foul ball

No one puts on a better show on and off the field than Miguel Cabrera. Watch as Miggy offers Chicago White Sox 1B a hug after Abreu watches a foul ball go into the stands behind the Tigers dugout.


#4 Miggy Reacts In The Dugout

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes Cabrera finds himself in just that situation and is forced to react quickly in the dugout. His reactions are almost as fun to watch as his playing ability on the field. Actually, they ARE just as fun to watch.


#3 Cabrera Plays Quarterback To Megatron

Who could throw better to former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson than Matthew Stafford? Probably Miguel Cabrera. Last summer, as a few of the Lions players took in a game at Comerica Park, Cabrera took the opportunity to throw a touchdown pass to Megatron in the stands.


#2 Cabrera Laughs At Himself

Even when Cabrera does something that is not the most graceful, he is able to have a good time with it. A prime example of this is when he trips over third base, and plays to the crowd’s mock cheers by tipping his cap to everyone. The gesture gets him a round of applause and a laugh out of Mario Impemba and Rod Allen.


#1 Cabrera Makes A Young Fan’s Day

In what I think is Cabrera’s best moment in a Tigers uniform, he was able to make a young fan’s day (or perhaps life) by going out of his way to shake his hand en route to the on-deck circle. This shows how down-to-earth Cabrera is despite being a superstar.

No doubt Cabrera makes us laugh and gaze in amazement over what he can do with a bat. His personality is what is great for the game of baseball and we are truly lucky to have watched him when he was at his absolute best.

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