101 Detroit Lions themed fantasy football team names

We are just over two weeks away from the start of the 2022 NFL football season which means Detroit Lions fans are making their final preparations for their Fantasy Football Draft(s).

With that being said, I was recently surfing the web to find a fun Lions-themed fantasy football team name to use during the coming season and I came across a couple of websites that listed quite a few options.

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In fact, as you can see below, there are 101 options for you to choose from.

Yes, some of these are pretty weak but there are a few that are on my shortlist to use during my upcoming fantasy football season.

101 Detroit Lions-themed fantasy football team names

From CheatSheetWarroom.com:

Fordained by Goff

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Divine Goffering

Goff and Running

D-Swift’s Reputation Tour

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D’Andre 1000

Chark Tank


Saint Misbehavin’

Hock Shop


Jameson Rocks

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julien

Return to Sanders

Barry Good

Megatron’s Guns

Andrey Warrington

A Millen Reasons

Escape Batch

The Lions are Perfect

On/Goff Switch

Going Goff

Going on the Goffensive

Gofften Enough

Goffly Good

Gofften Imitated, Never Duplicated

Hock of Seagulls

Hock and Roll

Hocked and Loaded

The Hard Hock Hotel

Hock Itch Cream

My Pet Hock

Hockin’ the Hock

Raiders of the Lost Chark


Character Chark


Chark Welder

Barry My Heart at Wounded ACL

Sander and Son


Simms League

Stay in Your Layne


The Goffather

Goffam City

Jerkin Goff

Shake it Goff

Hockenson Big Loogies

What Can St. Brown Do for You?

St. Brown Sugar

Charkizard, I Choose You

Via SideLionReport:

-Baby Chark
-Campbell’s Kneecap Soup
-Campbell’s Soup
-Campbell’s Blue Kool-Aid Soup
-Dan Campbell’s Blue Kool-Aid Soup
-Drinkin’ The Blue Kool-Aid (h/t to our podcast partner)
-Drink That Blue Kool-Aid
-Guzzle That Blue Kool-Aid
-Showered In Blue Kool-Aid
-Dan Cannibal
-D’Andre 2000
-Stafford Infection
-Turn Your Head and Goff
-Okudah Matatta
-Chuck It Long
-Penei For Your Thoughts
-Peneis From Heaven
-Thor Ragnowrock
-Hock And Awe
-Detroit Kneecappers
-Billy Jean Is Not My Kicker
-Team Kneecap Biters
-Motor City Kitties
-Decker The Halls
-Honolulu Blue
-No More Honolulu Blues
-St. Brown’s Sun Gods
-Chark Week
-Chark Attack
-Dan Campbell’s Soup
-Hock A Loogie
-Aidan And Abetting
-MCDC (short for Motor City Dan Campbell)
-Goffing Up A Lung
-A Chronic Goff
-Chark Bite
-Goffing It Up
-If There’s A  J-Will, There’s a Way
-Motown Manglecats
-Same Old Lions
-(Not The) Same Old Lions
-The Anti-Fragiles
-Hala At Your Vaitai
-Oruwariye Island
-Show Me Amani
-T.J. To The Max
-Walking It Goff


One Pride

Lion Down On The Job


Nation, which of these Detroit Lions-themed fantasy football team names is your favorite?

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