Devin Bush Sr. responds to son’s actions before UM/MSU game

Fans and media alike are still buzzing over Michigan linebacker Devin Bush Jr. showing his disdain for the Michigan State Spartans by stomping all over their logo at center field at Spartan Stadium ahead of Saturday’s game between the two rivals.

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Of course, there was also the “shoving and yelling”, indicating the rivalry is still in full swing. In fact, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is even calling for an investigation of Michigan State’s defense of their actions.

Deven Bush Sr. appeared on a Michigan radio show Monday and responded to his son’s actions before the game, and seemed confident that he’d done his job to make the situation right afterwards.

“It’s tough when somebody come and put their hands on you and try to push you around,” Bush Sr. said. “You have a reaction in that moment that you get upset and kick up a little grass. Us as adults we’ll find anything to whine and cry about, some grass. But, it happened. I’m sure he’s apologized for it and apologized to the young kids around the world that may have seen that and may want to imitate it. They shouldn’t do that.”

Bush Sr. seemed to know that this sort of thing was part of being in a rivalry, and that it’s in the past.

“It’s all in the past,” he said. “When it happened, it happened.”


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