Detroit Lions’ A’Shawn Robinson nearly involved in scuffle in locker room

Though Friday afternoons are generally easy going and laid back in the Detroit Lions locker room, it was anything but yesterday following an incident involving A’Shawn Robinson.

The Lions had just wrapped up their final practice before Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, and the fireworks began when a teammate tried to “interview” Robinson for a schtick with a local television station. Robinson was having none of the fun, however, essentially telling the the teammate to get out of his face.

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He then shouted at the reporter who came up with the idea to leave him alone, and then had to be ushered out of the locker room by other teammates after he spent the next few minutes going between the bathroom and his stall clearly fuming with anger.

Detroit News Lions reporter Justin Rogers described the situation, saying he doesn’t remember the last time he saw a player that angry in the Lions locker room.


Matthew Stafford comments on Golden Tate trade

On Tuesday, news broke that the Detroit Lions had traded their most consistent receiver over the past 4+ seasons, Golden Tate. Tate was dealt to the Philadelphia Eagles for a third-round draft pick.

Following the trade, many Lions fans and even some players commented on the trade. But one player who remained silent was Matthew Stafford. Many wondered if Stafford was asked about trading Tate before the move was made.

On Thursday, Stafford spoke to the media and he was asked about how the team would make up for Tate’s production on the field and he was asked whether or not he was consulted before the trade went down.


“Matthew Stafford said it’s going to be everybody to replace Golden Tate. Said “it’s on everybody.” Called Tate a really good player and a really good friend. Stafford said he found out while he was in the building that Tate was traded.

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