MUST SEE: Lions fans, media members react to abysmal first half against Bears

To say that the Detroit Lions had a rough first half against the Chicago Bears would be a severe understatement.

Already entering the game at a paltry 3-5 record, the Lions are well on their way to a sixth loss on the season. Multiple penalties, near fights, and an odd decision to punt when faced with a fourth and inches. To add insult to injury, Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky is 13 of 15 with two touchdowns and no interceptions at the end of the half. Though Detroit was able to get on the scoreboard late in the half, they still trail 26-7.

Take a look at some Lions fans voicing their frustrations with this first half of football at Soldier Field.

The Lions will have to battle the Bears in 11 more days, this time at Ford Field in Detroit. With the way that things are going today, Lions fans might not have mch to cheer about then, either.


Is there any one particular word that describes what this season has been like for the Detroit Lions?

There have been some epic highs and some painful lows, that’s for certain. Yes, this is the Detroit Lions team that beat the New England Patriots. Actually, “annihilated” might be a more accurate description of how that game went. But, it’s also the same Detroit Lions team that was completely and utterly humiliated by the New York Jets to open the season. The same team that went on to beat the Green Bay Packers, and the same team that then went on to be again humiliated by the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks.

As is the case with every season, some players have been better than expected, while others have greatly under-performed. But, being that we’ve reached the halfway point of the season, it’s time for a position-by-position mid-season report card.

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