2 Detroit Lions Matchups Included On ‘Top 10 Must-Watch Games of 2024’ List

These Detroit Lions Matchups Will Be AMAZING!

With the release of the 2024 NFL schedule, fans of the Detroit Lions can start marking their calendars for some of the most anticipated matchups of the season. Among a schedule packed with high-stakes games, two Lions matchups have caught particular attention and have been highlighted on Yahoo Sports’ Frank Schwab’s ‘Top 10 Must-Watch Games of 2024’ list.

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No. 6: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys – Week 6

Ranked sixth on Schwab’s list, the Detroit Lions’ visit to Dallas in Week 6 is set to be a riveting contest. This game is not just a regular season matchup but a replay of one of last year’s most bizarre and talked-about games. Fans will vividly remember the controversial moment when a crucial 2-point conversion by the Lions was nullified due to a penalty involving offensive tackle Taylor Decker reportedly failing to declare himself eligible—a decision that left many puzzled as Decker appeared to have reported correctly.

This year’s encounter promises not only to revisit that dramatic moment but also to showcase a clash between two of the NFC’s top teams, adding layers of competition and intrigue to an already compelling narrative.

No. 3: Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers – Week 17

The third must-watch game on Schwab’s list features the Detroit Lions against the San Francisco 49ers in a high-profile Week 17 Monday night matchup. This game is loaded with emotional backstory for the Lions and their fans. It revisits the site of last season’s NFC championship game—a painful memory for Detroit, which saw them lose a significant lead in the second half, missing out on what could have been the franchise’s first Super Bowl appearance.

As the regular season nears its climax, this game will not only be about seeking redemption but also about proving Detroit’s standing among the NFL’s elite teams. It will test the Lions’ resilience and ability to conquer past demons in one of the league’s toughest environments.

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TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Highlighted Matchups: The Detroit Lions’ 2024 schedule features two particularly notable games against the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers, both of which are included in Frank Schwab’s ‘Top 10 Must-Watch Games of 2024’ list on Yahoo Sports.
  2. Controversial History and Rivalry: The game against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6 is a rematch of last season’s controversial game, which involved a disputed penalty that significantly impacted the game’s outcome. This adds a layer of anticipation and rivalry to the rematch.
  3. Redemption Opportunity: The late-season game against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 17, set on a Monday night, offers the Lions a chance for redemption after their loss in last year’s NFC championship game, setting the stage for high drama and significant playoff implications.

Bottom Line: Mark Your Calendars

These two games against the Cowboys and the 49ers are more than just regular matchups—they are battles loaded with history, emotion, and significant implications for the postseason. Whether you are a die-hard Lions fan or just a lover of football, these games promise to deliver all the drama and excitement that make the NFL a spectacle every week. For Detroit, these matchups will be pivotal moments to define their season and possibly, their path to postseason glory.

So, circle the dates on your calendar and prepare for some of the most thrilling football action of 2024, as the Detroit Lions look to turn memorable games into monumental victories.

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