2 Detroit Lions set to get a raise for 2021 season

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By now, you have probably heard plenty of people talk about the Detroit Lions salary cap situation and how they have some work to do if they want to come in under the cap.

That being said, things are not as bad as many have claimed and there are multiple avenues for the Lions to get to where they need by the time the 2021 season kicks off.

But one thing that will not help the cause is that a couple of Lions are set to get a salary bump for the 2021 season.

Those players, according to Erik Schlitt are S Tracy Walker and OL Tyrell Crosby.

Schlitt is reporting that both Walker and Crosby have earned performance-based raises for 2021 due to playing a high enough percentage of snaps in 2019 and 2020.

Tracy Walker, the Lions third-round pick, played 73.5 percent of snaps in 2019 and 67.1 percent in 2020, meaning he qualifies for a first-level performance escalator. His 2021 base salary will increase from $920,000 to $2.183 million, bringing his new salary cap figure to just over $2.4 million.

Tyrell Crosby, the Lions fifth-round pick, played on 36.5-percent of snaps in 2019 and 62.7-percent in 2020, and he will receive a first-level performance escalator as well. Like Walker, Crosby will see his 2021 base salary increase from $920,000 to $2.183 million, and his new salary cap figure will be just over $2.25 million.

With Walker and Crosby both getting bumps, the Lions current salary cap figure just went up by $2.5 million.

Stay tuned, cap casualties are on the way!


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