2 Frontrunners emerge in Matthew Stafford trade sweepstakes

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Only time will tell where Matthew Stafford plays in 2021 but the smart bet is that it will not be with the Detroit Lions as Stafford has requested a fresh start with another organization and the Lions are reportedly willing to facilitate that, as long as they get fair market value in return.

The question is, which team will give up the most to bring in Stafford?

Well, according to former NFL GM Michael Lombardi, two frontrunners have emerged as teams who will likely make a compelling offer for Stafford. Those teams are the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots.

From Michael Lombardi:

As for the other NFC North quarterback making waves, Stafford will have many suitors. The Colts and the Patriots are the front-runners as they’re the two teams that have the cap room to handle Stafford right away. Stafford has a $20 million cap charge that cannot be reworked until he is on his new team. The team that trades for him must have the room to take on his deal, then they can lower his cap charge. Many teams can handle his cash and salary; few can handle that initial charge, which is why the Colts and Patriots are in front.

Stafford is a hidden gem. He’ll be 33 years old next week and has lost none of his talent. His arm, his toughness, his competitive drive are still top shelf. The next team he plays for will dispel the myth that he cannot win. Stafford has winning traits in his talent and character. Once he gets with the right team that can supply him with the right cast of teammates, he will show everyone how uniquely skilled he is as a player.

Nation, where would you rather see Stafford play in 2021? Indianapolis or New England?

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  1. As a Patriot’s fan and New England resident, I’ve said for years that Matt Stafford is an elite QB who was never properly protected in Detroit. He looked more like General Custer in a perpetual Little Bighorn, than a quality pocket passing QB since he was the starter. He is deserving of a good team with a good plan and front office. I would love to see NE sign him away from Detroit and if a QB is not suitable for them in this year’s draft, maybe next year. Grab either TE Kyle Pitts or WR Devante Smith in the 1st and sign WRs Galloday and/or Godwin or even Hunter Henry for TE to the Patriot roster and let Stafford have an opportunity to bring the Patriots right back to relevance.

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