20 Never Before Seen Moments In Sports [Video]


As I was browsing YouTube earlier this morning, I started looking into some of the most-viewed sports videos, and the one you are about to see titled “20 Never Before Seen Moments In Sports” caught my attention.

Though I actually have seen a few of these clips before, most of them were new to me and I hope you enjoy them!

Here are the clips you will see in the video:

  1. Soccer manager Luis Van Gall pretends to get pushed in front of this referee when no one even touched him.
  2. Two gymnasts almost clashed together, surprisingly there was enough room.
  3. A Baseball player throws the bat behind him like usual, until he looked back and notices it stood upright.
  4. Watch as this martial arts girl takes down her opponent with a special technique, called a scissors kick.
  5. Just a regular game of playing basketball, until the ball managed to bounce 6 times before going into the hoop.
  6. This ski Jumper did something not many people can do. He gave his friend a high five upside down while in the air.
  7. In the middle of a baseball game, this mascot taunted a security guard, until he had enough.
  8. When the team in white thought they had won, the kid on the opposite team made a full-court shot just seconds before the buzzer.
  9. A tennis player told the ball girl to peel his banana, but the umpire didn’t allow it and told him to do it himself.
  10. There's a female wrestling competition in Spain called Cholita wrestling, where the fighters are required to wear dresses.
  11. The creepy character from the hit movie The Ring was brought out on the baseball field in Japan, to throw her first baseball pitch.
  12. During this woman’s basketball shoot-around, they couldn’t help but keep on scoring one after another.
  13. A funny incident happened between two soccer players in the middle of a game. Both of their shoelaces tangled up and they were unable to play.
  14. This runner holds the Guinness World Record for running 100 meters like a dog.
  15. A real octopus was thrown onto the ice rink by a fan during a hockey game and was quickly picked up by one of the workers.
  16. There's a Japanese festival where they ride logs coming fast down the hill. They do this as a tradition every 6 years.
  17. Here is playing a soccer game but with a twist. This is called Cycle-ball, where you get to ride and hit the ball with your tires.
  18. An insane dodge move was captured during a game of dodgeball by one of the students.
  19. There's a goalkeeper named Rene Higuita that deflects the ball using the back end of his feet. He calls it the scorpion kick.
  20. During this soccer match the wind decided to help out the team, and score a goal against the goalkeeper.