2013 Detroit Pistons Draft Review

The Detroit Pistons had three picks in this year’s draft. In an NBA draft full of surprises, they certainly had a surprise at 8th overall.

Pistons 8th overall pick: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Georgia University

With Michigan guard Trey Burke, Syracuse guard Michael Carter-Williams, and Lehigh guard C.J. McCollum on the board, Pistons GM Joe Dumars surprised everybody with the drafting of Caldwell-Pope.

I didn’t talk much about him in my draft preview because I didn’t think Dumars would pick him. He fills a need. A Burke and Brandon Knight backcourt would be extremely small and it would be terrible defensively. I’ve also harped on this a thousand times, the Pistons need scoring. Caldwell-Pope averaged 18.5 points on 43.3% shooting, including shooting 37.3% from deep. He can spread the floor and he also grabbed 7.1 rebounds at his position.

A lot of fans were in an uproar as to why Burke wasn’t drafted. Guys, listen this isn’t a popularity contest. Caldwell-Pope fills a need and brings shooting to this team. Just because Burke played for Michigan didn’t mean he was getting drafted by the Detroit Pistons organization.

Yes, he played in a very bad SEC conference, but he had no help at Georgia. He had to literally do everything for his team. Think LeBron James in Cleveland, in terms of doing it by himself NOT in terms of talent. He won’t start right away, but neither did Greg Monroe, Knight, or Andre Drummond. I like the Caldwell-Pope pick.

Pistons 37th overall pick: Tony Mitchell North Texas University

Mitchell is a freak athletically. He averaged 13.8 points and 8.5 rebounds in his sophomore season and he has a chance to make an impact in this team this upcoming season. He could be in the rotation.

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Dumars and the staff grilled him as to why his production tailed off a little bit in the second half of the season. Mitchell knows he needs to stay consistent and I think at the 37th pick, this kid is a steal.

Pistons 56th overall pick: Peyton Siva Louisville University

Siva’s Louisville Cardinals defeated Burke’s Wolverines in this season’s NCAA Championship game. Siva has a lot of heart, but he only shot 40.4% this season and only averaged 10.0 points. He’s the 56th pick so he will be a long shot to make the final roster, but if he does make the roster he’ll be a good practice point guard.

Overall, I liked the way Dumars’ drafted tonight. He drafted in terms of need, which was scoring and perimeter shooting. Remember, the Pistons will have roughly $30 million to play with this summer. They can go get a big impact player in free agency. This isn’t the final roster. Let’s just all sit back, relax, simmer down, and watch Joey D go to work.

-Ky Carlin

Twitter: @Ky_Carlin



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10 thoughts on “2013 Detroit Pistons Draft Review”

  1. Nice review, the pick isnt THAT interesting. It makes prefect sense. our 2 biggest needs were SF and SG. Last year we had a tough time putting the ball in the net, so what do we do? Draft arguably the best shooter in the draft.

  2. Wow. Still showing why you are the worst sporta page. They needed a shooter and you claim his 37% was the mighty “need”…. Burke shot 38%. I could go more into it, but I don’t feel the need to help u out. Awful draft.

  3. Difference: nobody else on Georgia averaged more than 7.9 ppg. KCP wa literally out there by himself and he was still putting up numbers. It was like LeBron in Cleveland, in terms of doing it by himself NOT talent. Meanwhile, at Michigan they had 3 other guys average double-digits. THJ, Stauskas, and GR3. Caldwell-Pope is a nice addition to the team.

  4. Not a fan. But I can c y people wanted Burke. But not bad pixs the kid from north Texas is big and plays d..

  5. Michigan fans realize this is Detroit basketball. Burke makes no sense for the Pistons. We need no more undersized guards. We would have been abused by other teams guards. We needed wing shooting and thats what we got. I guarantee that if Burke would have been from MSU or OSU these Michigan fans would not be making such an uproar about the pick

  6. Then why pick up Silva? Burke is going to be the best player in the draft watch and see.

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