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2014 Detroit Pistons Draft Review

The 2014 NBA Draft saw the Detroit Pistons make only one pick after losing their top 8 protected pick to the Charlotte Hornets. That pick was at 38 overall and they drafted spencer dinwiddie out of Colorado University.

Dinwiddie is 6’6″, can play shooting guard and point guard, has good shot selection, and can shoot the 3 at a 40% clip and 42% overall in three seasons with Colorado. He tore his ACL in January and missed the rest of his season. Dinwiddie was supposed to be a first round pick before the injury and this is considered a steal. ESPN’s Chad Ford tweeted out that “Dinwiddie is the anti-Brandon Jennings”. So there’s something, right?

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Also, it’s the 38th overall pick. You can’t expect the 38th overall pick to come in and make a huge impact to begin with. Don’t pile on all these high expectations for the 38th overall pick. In the end, I believe that Dinwiddie is going to be a good player.

Another thing, the last thing this team needs is more youth. They already have Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. This team has talent that can make the playoffs, they just need the right coach to put it all together. Hopefully Stan Van Gundy can be that guy. Let’s all take a step back and give Dinwiddie a chance.

-Ky Carlin

Twitter: @gettinbuckets91/@Ky_Carlin


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  1. Everyone screaming take GR3 has clearly been brainwashed by the bs we endured with joe d. That is something joe d would’ve done to make up for not drafting the “right” michigan player last season in Burke. Once again it would’ve been the wrong move. Let’s see what Stan saw in this guy, he drafted him.

  2. Don’t expect much from Dinwiddie next year, but I think he’ll be a very good player–think Michael Carter-Williams.
    I would definitely keep Monroe and keeping trying to trade J – Smith—this guy IS tradable!! He is a great #4 and can add 10 wins to some of these teams—keep trying to trade him and, if necessary, check the trade market again in December/January after some of these big-men draft picks start to under-perform.

  3. The pick was cool, took a shot on a first round talent who slipped because of injury. In the second round, you might as well take a chance. And he comes in at a weak position, so the kids got a chance. Jennings sucks.

  4. I would keep Josh Smith and have him come off the bench cause we still need a strong bench. Stuckey and Jennings in the backcourt Josh at PF Singler at SF Harrellson at center

  5. Actually he is a 1st round pick but because of his injury nobody wanted him. But if he wasn’t injured we wouldn’t have him. I like it 2 guards in the backcourt with size KCP and Dinwiddie. Now we need a SF with size speed and athleticism.

  6. If you watch some of Dinwiddies vids on YouTube you can see he will be a nice player in the NBA. Injury aside, it could very well be a steal a couple years down the road. This Pistons offseason has more to do with establishing a good front office, changing the environment so that players want to play in Detroit. The other priority is keeping Monroe and finding good value for Josh Smith. And with some cap space maybe pick up a couple of working parts for the team. A few players that need not come back are Wil Bynum, Charlie V. It would be nice to keep Stuckey but I’m sure he’s already out the door

  7. Im not complaining at all. As a true piston fan, I would say, Mr. Dinwiddle might have a good season. I would never judge any basketball player.

  8. I like Dinwiddie’s game. He’s 6’6″, good passer, nice shot selection, and can shoot the 3. Nice pick by SVG and Jeff Bower. He’s the 38th overall pick. You can’t pile on all these huge expectations for the 38th overall pick.

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