2020 NFL Points Spread Betting: Here’s What You Need To Know

The Super Bowl, the most anticipated football tournament in the United States, is bound to happen in less than two months. This time, the 2020 Super Bowl 54 will celebrate its 100th edition at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida. More than ten teams are expected to compete in the said venue on February 2, 2020. 

All football fans can expect contenders from the AFC and NFC Divisions to vie for the coveted Super Bowl 54 championship title. The teams, players, and the matches aren’t the only ones that will excite you. The wagering games will surely excite and entice every bettor, as well. 

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Points Spread Betting is one of the wagers that every punter is looking forward to. Don’t be surprised if you’ll encounter a bettor who’s doing his homework on Super Bowl spreads as early as today. Who doesn’t? We are just all excited! 

What is Super Bowl 54 Points Spread Betting? 

The Super Bowl Spreads, popularly known as Points Spread, is a specific figure set by every oddsmaker, who creates a disadvantage or advantage based on the winning and losing margin for every two competing teams. 

In a Points Spread, the favorite team is labeled with a negative (-) sign, while the less popular gets the positive (+). The team that gets the negative sign falls under the disadvantage margin since they should be able to win using the number set or over.

By contrast, the underdog gets the positive or advantage margin since they only need to reach their goal regardless of the number set to win the tournament. Let’s use the following 2020 NFL figures as an example. 

Ravens: -4.5 (-110)

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Patriots: +4.5 (-110)

In the example above, the Patriots are the most favored team, who has the most potential of becoming the Super Bowl 54 champion. They need to earn five points or more so you, as a bettor, can also win the amount represented by the 110 figure. The Ravens get the less favored points spread, so they need to win or lose by four points. 

Additionally, the “-110”  refers to the total amount you wager, including the tax you pay for the oddsmaker. It means that for every $100 bet, you pay an extra $10 for the booking fee. In some cases, there are lower booking fees, and it depends on the type of tournament happening on the field. 

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How Does My Payout Looks Like if I Win/ Lose the Point Spread? 

As shown above, the 110 figure is a sample stake you bet for a specific team. If you win the Points Spread, you get the initial amount you gamble ($110) and gain another $110 coming from the losing bettors. On the other hand, if you lose the Points Spread, you will no longer get back the $110 initially gamble.

What Happens if the Result Of The Game Was A Draw

For the entirety of the Super Bowl, there are only a few instances that a game will result in a draw. If this happens, a sportsbook will refund the exact amount you wager. You can then try to play another Points Spread for a different competing team if you like. 

What Does Pk in Point Spread Mean? 

Pk stands for Pick 'em. It means that the matchup is very close, and oddsmakers can’t determine who is the overdog and underdog. For you to win the amount you wager, the team you bet should also win the game. 

What Happens When Point Spread Changes? 

Some changes on Points Spread are very common that they’re expected to take place in the 2020 NFL finals. Many bettors believe that bookies alter the payout odds to encourage or discourage action on various sides of the bet. As a result, they’ll never lose any money.

While this idea may possibly be true (it’s business anyway), don’t always take it in the wrong way. These changes are not initiated by oddsmakers to trick the bettors. It is brought by certain conditions like injured players, previous match results, climate, and the like. 

If this situation happens, you may not be able to retrieve the money you gambled. You have to be positive that the team you wager can win under any circumstances. 


The 2020 Super Bowl 54 does not only showcase the best teams but also offers thrilling yet satisfying wagering games. It is because the stakes are high, and if you gamble correctly, you might win the day. 

That said, betting on the Point Spread, which is one of the most popular wagering games in the Super Bowl 54, can help you achieve an ultimate 2020 NFL finals experience. Make sure that you fully understand how these betting games work so you won’t miss a thing! 


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