2022 Detroit Lions Pre-Training Camp Game-by-Game Predictions

Training camp for the Detroit Lions begins in less than two weeks and I cannot tell you how excited I am to see how much growth is made from Year 1 to Year 2 under head coach, Dan Campbell.

Personally, I have been thinking big ever since we found out in January who the Lions' home and away opponents would be for the upcoming season.

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I truly believe the Lions will be the most improved team in the NFL in terms of wins and losses during their 2022 campaign and they have a shot to go from worst to first in the NFL North if they can avoid the injury bug.

2022 Detroit Lions Pre-Training Camp Game-by-Game Predictions

Folks, I am downing Honolulu blue Kool-Aid like it's my job and as you can see, I have the Detroit Lions finishing the 2022 regular season schedule with a 10-7 record, which will be enough to get them into the NFL Playoffs.

Though I do not think the Lions will go worst-to-first in the NFL North (the Packers will go 11-6 or 12-5), I do think a Wild Card playoff spot is a real possibility.

Here are my pre-training camp game-by-game predictions for the Lions.

Week 1 – vs. Philadelphia Eagles (WIN)
Week 2 – vs. Washington Commanders (WIN)
Week 3 – at Minnesota Vikings (LOSS)
Week 4 – vs. Seattle Seahawks (WIN)
Week 5 – at New England Patriots (LOSS)
Week 6 – BYE WEEK
Week 7 – at Dallas Cowboys (LOSS)
Week 8 – vs. Miami Dolphins (WIN)
Week 9 – vs. Green Bay (LOSS)
Week 10 – at Chicago Bears (WIN)
Week 11 – at New York Giants (WIN)
Week 12 – vs. Buffalo Bills (Thanksgiving Day) (LOSS)
Week 13 – vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (WIN)
Week 14 – vs. Minnesota Vikings (WIN)
Week 15 – at New York Jets (WIN)
Week 16 – at Carolina Panthers (Christmas Eve) (LOSS)
Week 17 – vs. Chicago Bears (New Year’s Day) (WIN)
Week 18 – at Green Bay Packers (LOSS)

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Nation, what do you think the Detroit Lions record will be in 2022? Do you think they can win enough games to squeeze their way in to the NFL Playoffs? Or, do you think they will end up with another high draft pick in 2023?

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