2022 Detroit Tigers on pace to shatter MLB record

To say it nicely, things have not gone as planned for the 2022 Detroit Tigers.

But to say it how many fans really feel, the 2022 Detroit Tigers blow! (Even that may be too nice)

On Thursday, during the Detroit Red Wings introductory press conference for new Red Wings head coach Derek Lalonde, owner Chris Ilitch was asked about the Tigers and his response was a real head-scratcher.

“I’m very pleased with the progress,” Ilitch said. “Despite a very slow start this season, there’s actually some good progress happening with some of the young guys that have come up and developed and so on and so forth.”

2022 Detroit Tigers on pace to shatter MLB record

Maybe Ilitch does not realize that his team is currently on pace to break an MLB record that nobody wants to break.

On Friday, Jayson Stark of The Athletic raised a question. “Can the Tigers score (gulp) 500 runs?”

From The Athletic:

It’s never been harder to hit. I’ll give the Detroit Tigers that. But is it really as hard as they’re making it look?

If the Tigers keep scoring runs — or not scoring runs — at their current rate, they’re going to become the first team to score under 500 runs while employing a DH. The closest any team in the DH era has ever come: 513, by Matt Tuiasosopo’s 2010 Mariners.

Or we could do this by runs per game, where the Tigers’ average is at 3.04. That would be the lowest rate of run-scoring, over a 162-game season, by any team since Dave (Soup) Campbell’s 1971 Padres averaged 3.02 — although in much balmier weather, I might add. So is it really possible the 2022 Tigers won’t score 500 runs?

“I don’t know, man,” one exec said. “Your offense is supposed to come from the corners, right? You know how many home runs they have from first base, third base and left and right fields combined? How ’bout 14! So the commissioner had better send some of those juiced baseballs to Detroit.”

The Detroit Tigers have been scoring more runs as of late but I don’t think they will end up under 500 runs for the season.

Nation, what do you think, will the Tigers break the MLB record (since the DH)? Will they actually score under 500 runs for a 162-game season?

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