2022 is a year of reckoning for Jared Goff


2022 will prove if Jared Goff is the quarterback of the future or not.

Jared Goff
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Jared Goff Bottom 5

David Pyke: So one of the things that came out was there was a recent opinion piece that came out from PFN, that had a rather low opinion of Jared Goff. They said that he was a bottom five to tier quarterback. Like he was really low on their totem pole. So I just wanted to ask, do you think that their opinion is correct of Jared Goff?

Do you think it's too low? Do you think it's accurate? What do you think? 

Nick Bradley: That's tough. The bottom five is not great. I don't know if I disagree though, to be totally honest. This year is the year of reckoning like we said last week. If you look at what he did last year, it took him 10 weeks to look halfway decent.

I don't think calling him bottom five is the craziest thing in the world, his best-case scenario, or at least coming off last season, the biggest Jared Goff, optimist. What is he maybe a bottom 10 QB? Is that his peak? There are some bad quarterbacks. Don't get it twisted. There are some guys that should be counting their lucky stars.

They get to throw footballs around for money. But at the same time, if I don't think there's a crazy case to be made for… I don't think calling people crazy for saying Goff's bottom five. I don't know if that's necessarily warranted. 

David Pyke: I wouldn't say calling people crazy because he's a bottom five quarterback is warranted.

I just think that if you're going purely based on last year's statistics and just going off of negative statistics from certain parts of the season, I think that is being shortsighted. Because again, if you take a look at Goff’s statistics throughout the year, the first four or five weeks, he was actually pretty decent.

He had a 66 or 67 completion percentage, seven touchdowns, and two interceptions. But then after you had the injuries from Frank Ragnow to Quintez Cephus, that was when Goff did not look very well, from weeks five to 10. He had one touchdown to four interceptions, like 64 completion percentage of 74 quarterback rating per the NFL not PFF.

That was when things looked really bad, but then like we also said the last part of the season, he looked like a completely different Jared Goff. That was when we had a different offensive play-caller Josh Reynolds had come in and St. Brown and caught on.

So I think if you're just purely basing Goff off of last year, I think you're doing him a disservice because I think everybody is instantaneously going to look at last year's roster.

And be like, there's no way Jared Goff does the exact same that he did last year. What the roster has this year, we have D. J. Chark, Jameson Williams, Quintez Cephus, T. J. Hockenson, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and Josh Reynolds. He's got almost seven times as many weapons as he did last year. There's no way Jared Goff does what he did last year. Not in my book.

Nick Bradley: I certainly hope you're right. Listen. I want Jared Goff to be a hall of Famer, to win 500 Superbowls, and break every record. I want him to be. But not even a, I guess like he did great things with the Rams, but I don't care what he did four years ago. 

No offense. I don't care at all what he did four years ago. And he showed me better this year. The offensive line should be better, the run game, and wideouts. As you said, everything around him should be better. Hopefully, the coaching and the offensive play callings are better. But right now, based on what we did see in what we saw last year, I just don't know.

And you mentioned the statistics were good, even though they were losing those games to start out the year. For me, obviously, statistics and numbers carry weight. But for me, not just football, but any sport, when I watch and I'm deciphering, oh, this guy, I like him or he's not so great. 

When I watched Goff, there are moments, there are throws he makes any time anybody comes near him, pressure-wise, where it's dude, you're a pro athlete. Do you know what I'm saying? 

Like guys would get within two and a half yards of him and he's stuck in the mud and they one hand touch him and he's on the ground. And it's I know he's not Michael Vick, but I don't know, I felt like my dad maybe a little more athletic in the pocket.

He does things like that and it doesn't make sense. And then he would make throws here and there where it's yeah, it goes down as just an incompletion, or it goes down as maybe it was a five-year gain. But if the throws are better, it's a 15-yard gain. But that incompletion, the guy was wide open and he throws a duck.

It felt like despite whatever statistics say, it just felt like watching him, there were moments where it's like, you got to make that play Jared. You gotta evade that sack or you got to make that throw. Just too many moments like that stuck with me over the course of the year where I don’t know.

David Pyke: I think if you take a look again, if you're taking a look at the entirety of the season and you're trying to put it in a nutshell, then yeah, that would make an accurate statement.

But again, I take a look at the statement. I take a look at last season in stages because, in the earlier parts of the season, that was true. Jared Goff wasn't being as mobile in the back. He wasn't doing a whole lot to evade rushes, but one particular play kind of sticks out to me very clearly was against the Cardinals.

It was the play where Amon-Ra St. Brown was going across the line and then he just went up the sideline and got that touchdown. When you see that play, Jared Goff had to step into the pocket, evade the pass rush, and then he threw a perfect ball straight to Amon-Ra St. Brown for the touchdown. That kind of a play I wouldn't have seen from Jared Goff early on in the season.

Because again, still figuring out the offense, still figuring out who he was and how he fit in with the offensive scheme. I personally think having another year in the system, having all these extra weapons, and the confidence that Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell have instilled in him.

I think we see a Jared Goff that is very similar if not surpasses what he did, 2018 Rams, and I would not be surprised. I'm going to make a bold prediction right here. I think Jared Goff has over 4,000 yards throwing next year and over 30 touchdowns, I'm making that opinion right now. 

Nick Bradley: I hope. I don't think that's going to happen. We're talking about him being a bottom-five QB. If he does that, he's a top 10 guy next year. I hope he does it, I hope.

David Pyke: I think with the supporting cast he has and the line he has, I think that's totally reasonable. Hope. I wouldn't say expectation, but it's a hope because, in my opinion, he's got a great supporting cast around him.

So if it happens. But again, that's what I'm seeing. I could see plus 4,000 yards plus 30 touchdowns. That's just my opinion, could be drinking a little too much Kool-Aid but yeah. 

Nick Bradley: Listen, it would be unbelievable. I agree. It's a hope. That's the best it's like beyond a hope. If there's another word for something like that, miracle maybe.

Is that what we're praying for a miracle? I don't know. I get it. This is year two in the system I get that Chark is going to be better. Hopefully Amon-Ra St. Brown takes another step. Jameson Williams whenever he starts applying. But again, like he, at some level, talent is talent. Like I saw Jared Goff play. I don't know, is the ceiling that much higher? 

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