2023 Detroit Lions being considered for plethora of primetime games

In case you have been stuck in a cave for the past few months, our 2023 Detroit Lions are generating some MAJOR buzz, and team president Rod Wood recently hinted that the Lions are being considered for five primetime games in 2023. After finishing the 2022 season on a hot streak, winning eight of their last ten games, the Lions have caught the attention of NFL scheduling czar Howard Katz. While only time will tell if the Lions will get the maximum of five primetime games, Wood believes that the team will get “a number” of primetime starts.   

2023 Detroit Lions Marty Mornhinweg

Key Points

  • The Lions finished 9-8 last season and won eight of their final 10 games
  • The hot finish has increased the excitement about the Lions' potential in 2023
  • The Lions could get more primetime games in the 2023 season

Big Picture: 2023 Detroit Lions Being Considered for 5 Primetime Games  

The Lions have not been featured too many times in primetime in recent years, including having had a schedule full of early games during the 2022 season. However, the Lions' smoking-hot finish last season has sparked excitement, leading to a possible increase in primetime appearances in the 2023 season.

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From Detroit Free Press:

Wood said he is not sure if the Lions will draw the maximum five prime-time games, but after talking to NFL scheduling czar Howard Katz, he said, “I suspect we're going to get a number” of primetime starts.

Bottom Line – More Primetime and Fewer Early Games for 2023 Detroit Lions   

Though we don't yet know how many primetime games the Lions will get in 2023, you can bet they will get a least a couple in addition to their annual Thanksgiving Day matchup.

“I assume we'll be in more games than just Thanksgiving,” Wood said. “There's going to be more opportunities for prime-time games too, because there's going to be three simulcast games on Monday Night Football, with ABC and ESPN, so that's two more. There's the Amazon game the day after Thanksgiving, which obviously we wouldn't play in, but it creates another prime-time game for another team. So there is more inventory, which should enhance our opportunity, as well as the outlook of the team.”

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