2023 Detroit Lions COULD unveil new alternate uniform

Apparently, there has been speculation about the 2023 Detroit Lions getting a NEW alternate uniform to go along with their alternate helmets. Here is what we know.

As you have seen by now, the Detroit Lions have unveiled the alternate helmet that they will wear a couple of times during the upcoming season. According to reports, that new helmet will be worn only with the current “All Gray” alternate uniforms. But could the 2023 Detroit Lions soon unveil a new alternate uniform? Well, it is possible, but not probable.

2023 Detroit Lions Alternate Helmet Jared Goff Penei Sewell
Courtesy of Detroit Lions

Speculation about Detroit Lions getting new alternate uniform

According to @BarrySa57941695 on Twitter, there has been speculation that the Lions could get a new alternate uniform this coming season. (No, this is not the REAL Barry Sanders!)

2023 Detroit Lions

2023 Detroit Lions COULD get new alternate uniform

Heading into the offseason, many believed the Lions would be getting new uniforms for the 2023 season, but team president Rod Wood has already told the media that will not be happening until 2024.

With that being said, according to NFL rules, the home/away uniforms and alternate uniforms are separate entities, which means it is POSSIBLE that the Lions could wait until 2024 to update their home/away uniforms, but change their alternate uniform in 2023. Teams are allowed to change their uniforms every five years, if they are approved by the league.

Via SportsLogos.Net:

“Third, be it Further Resolved, that a Club may not change its regular home and away uniforms more than once every five NFL seasons, and may not change its third uniform design more than once every five NFL seasons, absent specific extenuating circumstances (e.g., Club ownership change or relocation) as determined by the Commissioner.”

WILL the Lions get a new alternate uniform in 2023?

So, we have already established that it is POSSIBLE that the 2023 Detroit Lions could unveil a new alternate uniform for the 2023 season, but is it PROBABLE? The short answer to that question is, NO.

According to the NFL Rules, in order for a uniform change to take place, there is a lot that has to happen leading up to said change. Here is what the NFL has to say regarding the timeline for a uniform change. (Via SportsLogos.net)

Attachment to 2002 Resolution G-3:

Uniform Change Notification and Approval Timeline

— By March 1 of the year prior to the year in which a uniform change will take place, written notice and details of any changes in the uniform must be provided to the League office (e.g., if you want to make a change for 2023, you must notify the league not later than March 1, 2022).

— By July 1 of that year, uniform color selection and logo design must be completed, having been approved by the club's owner and chief executive.

— By August 1 of that year, initial uniform samples must be created and approved by the club's owner, equipment manager, and chief executive.

— By November 1 of that year, final uniform samples are to be provided to the League office for TV testing.  Approvals from club owner, equipment manager and chief executive must be certified to the league by this date.  If final samples do not arrive in the League offices by November 1 of the year preceding the season in which the change is occurring, the uniform will not be approved.

— By December 1, the league office gives final approval for use the following season.

2023 Detroit Lions Alternate Helmet 2023 Detroit Lions Training Camp Brad Holmes
Courtesy of Detroit Lions

Bottom Line: Be Patient!

When you read through those rules, it is pretty easy to conclude that the Lions will not be getting a new alternate uniform for the 2023 season. Sorry, folks, but we will have to see the new alternate helmets with the “All Gray” uniforms for one season, which is unfortunate. But, be patient! You can bet the Lions will be getting new alternate uniforms in 2024 that will match the alternate helmet much better.


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