2023 Detroit Lions get high praise from Super Bowl Champion HC Mike Martz

The former Super Bowl Champion head coach/offensive guru not only praised the 2023 Detroit Lions offense, but he thinks the defense will make a HUGE jump.

According to Mike Martz, the former Super Bowl Champion head coach, the Detroit Lions are poised to take the NFC North title in 2023. Martz, who led the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl victory, has expressed optimism about the Lions' chances. He drew parallels between the late '90s Rams and the current Lions squad, highlighting key signings and improvements in both offensive and defensive sectors.

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2023 Detroit Lions get high praise from Mike Martz

In a preview article published on The 33rd team, Martz showed significant interest in the Lions' run game, labeling David Montgomery as a “huge signing” and rookie Jahmyr Gibbs as a potential breakout star. Gibbs, a former Alabama running back, has been compared to Marshall Faulk by Martz, which may hint at his anticipated central role in the Lions' offense. On defense, Martz highlighted the selection of linebacker Jack Campbell and the hiring of former Rams cornerback Dre Bly as a defensive backs coach. His praise for the Lions suggests a promising season ahead.

What did Martz Say?

Here is some of what Martz had to say about the 2023 Detroit Lions.

On David Montgomery:

“They brought in RB David Montgomery from the Chicago Bears, and he’s got to feel like he died and went to heaven. He’d had no chance to see the line of scrimmage with the Bears. Montgomery was a huge signing for the Lions, and he makes them better.”

On Jahmyr Gibbs:

“They drafted RB Jahmyr Gibbs, and people wondered, “What are you doing this for? You’ve got these two backs already.” Well, this guy might become the centerpiece of their offense. He’s the first guy I’ve seen who reminds me of Marshall Faulk. What he sees and what he can do in a heartbeat is astonishing.”

Season Expectations:

“They’ll win the NFC North. They have to stay healthy, but they can go deep into the playoffs and perhaps reach the NFC championship. They’ll be a major factor in the playoffs.”

“Defensively, they’ll be so much better this year. The defense could move up into the top 15; there’s no question that they have a chance. And offensively, they’re a top-five team with a chance of being the best.”

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Key Points

  • Super Bowl-winning coach Mike Martz predicts a division win for the 2023 Detroit Lions.
  • Martz praised the Lions for their improvements on both offense and defense.
  • He singled out David Montgomery as a key signing and projected Jahmyr Gibbs as a potential breakout star.
  • Martz also lauded the Lions' defensive decisions, especially the appointment of Dre Bly as a defensive backs coach.

Bottom Line – The Lions' Den: A New Chapter Unfolding

The Detroit Lions are set for a remarkable season ahead if Mike Martz's endorsements are any indicator. The key signings, improvements in offensive and defensive units, and the anticipated breakout of new talents like Jahmyr Gibbs could see the Lions rise to the top of the division. This period could indeed be a new chapter in the history of the Detroit Lions and one that both fans and critics will watch closely. Only the unfolding of the 2023 season will tell if the roaring Lions will indeed live up to this high praise.