2023 Detroit Lions Week 2 Rooting Guide: Who Lions Fans Should Root For?

2023 Detroit Lions Week 2 Rooting Guide: Find out who you should be rooting for this week. We are 1-for-1 so far!

2023 Detroit Lions Week 2 Rooting Guide

The Detroit Lions are off to a great start to their 2023 season as they went into Arrowhead Stadium and took down the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1. Heading into the season, the Lions were the betting favorite to win the NFC North, and it remains that way heading into Week 2. With that being said, the ultimate goal is for the Lions to take care of business by winning each week, but there is no question about it that they will take some help along the way. Here are the teams you should be rooting for in Week 2.

2023 Detroit Lions Week 2 Rooting Guide

Who Detroit Lions Fans Should Root For?

Root for AFC over NFC

First of all, the obvious (no need to list the games). Lions fans should be rooting for every AFC team to beat every NFC team in those matchups. For example, root for the Jets (AFC) to beat the Cowboys (NFC) because the Lions only have to worry about passing NFC teams in the standings.

Root for Any Team over the NFC North

At this point in the season, make sure that you are always rooting for any team that is playing a team from the NFC North not named the Detroit Lions. The first goal is to win the division, and any help would be appreciated!

Root for the Eagles to beat the Vikings (this already happened on Thursday Night Football), the Falcons to beat the Packers, and the Buccaneers to beat the Bears.

Other Teams to Root For

When it is this early in the season, and we are still rooting for the Lions to win their division and earn a high seed in the NFC, I think it is wise to root against the NFC contenders.

So, with that being said, root for the Cardinals over the Giants, the Rams over the 49ers, and the Panthers over the Saints.

Detroit Lions Fans Super Bowl LVII Odds

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. AFC Over NFC: Lions fans should fervently root for AFC teams when they face NFC teams. Since the Lions' primary concern is their position within the NFC, victories for AFC squads over NFC opponents would indirectly benefit the Lions in the conference standings.
  2. Root for Any Team Against NFC North: In the quest to win the NFC North, it's essential to support any team facing off against the Lions' divisional rivals. The Lions need to secure their divisional dominance, and any assistance from other NFL teams is greatly welcomed.
  3. Root Against NFC Contenders: In the early stages of the season, it's strategically wise for Lions fans to cheer against NFC contenders. By hoping for losses among potential rivals, the Lions can better position themselves for a higher seed and a successful campaign in the NFC.

Bottom Line: Plenty to Root For!

As the Lions aim to maintain their status as the betting favorites to win the NFC North, it's crucial for fans to adopt a strategic approach to rooting for other teams. Prioritizing AFC teams over NFC opponents, supporting any team challenging the NFC North rivals, and rooting against NFC contenders are all key strategies to help the Lions on their journey to success in the NFC.

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