2023 NFL Draft: Detroit Lions 5 Biggest Needs

IT. IS. ALMOST. TIME!!! Folks, we are just one day away from the start of the 2023 NFL Draft, which means we will soon know the players the Detroit Lions will add to their already solid roster. Lions GM Brad Holmes has already said he does not draft based on roster needs but, instead, he focuses on selecting the best player available that also fits his team. That being said, the Lions do have needs heading into the draft, some being more glaring than others.

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Key Points

  • The NFL Draft begins on Thursday night and will conclude on Sunday
  • Brad Holmes has said he does not draft based on needs
  • The Lions do have some big needs heading into the draft

2023 NFL Draft: Detroit Lions 5 Biggest Needs

Here are the Detroit Lions' 5 biggest needs as the NFL Draft approaches. Note: I left QB off this list for a couple of reasons. 1) Jared Goff is the Lions' starting QB and he will be for at least the next couple of seasons, and 2) I believe the Lions will sign Teddy Bridgewater following the draft

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Defensive Tackle

I have been saying it since about this time last season. The Detroit Lions absolutely MUST solidify their defensive tackle position if they are going to stop the rushing attacks of opposing teams. I have also been saying that the Lions absolutely will select a defensive tackle within the first two rounds of the draft, and they may even select a couple if the right guys are available.


Yes, the Lions' cornerback situation in 2023 is light years ahead of where it was in 2022, as Brad Holmes went out and signed multiple players to hold down the fort. The problem is, when you look ahead to 2024, the cupboard is pretty bare, which means Holmes would be wise to draft a corner he loves in the upcoming draft. Like DT, I believe the Lions select at least one cornerback within the first two rounds.

Tight End

Some are claiming that the Lions are happy with their tight-end situation and that it is not a very big need at all heading into the 2023 season. I disagree with this notion. Yes, the Lions traded T.J. Hockenson last season, but the reason for the trade was 100% about money, and not because Holmes and Dan Campbell do not value the position. Look for the Lions to attack the TE position within the first three rounds.


When I look at the guard position, it is a similar situation to what is going on at cornerback. The Lions look fine for 2023 with Vatai and Glasgow holding down the fort, but looking ahead to 2024 is a different story altogether. I 100% believe the Lions will try to bolster their offensive line in the upcoming draft.

Wide Receiver

If you have read my work, you are well aware of the fact that I am not a fan of using much draft capital on a wide receiver. In fact, I was extremely unhappy when the Lions TRADED UP to select Jameson Williams in 2022, not because I don't think he is ultra-talented, but because I don't put much value into the position as a whole when it comes to the draft. Now, Williams is suspended for the first six games of the season, and the Lions are in a position where they need to fill his shoes until he returns. Now, I don't think the Lions will spend a high draft pick on a receiver like some of the people out there who are panicking do, but if the right guy is available, I can see Holmes making a move that he may not have previously made.

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Bottom Line: The Lions absolutely will address some holes on their roster

Brad Holmes has said that he does not draft based on need, but I would be VERY surprised if he does not use some of the Lions' draft capital to fill some of the positions listed above. In fact, if I was a betting man, I would bet that at least four of the five positions above are addressed during the upcoming draft.

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