2024 Detroit Lions Ticket Prices are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Are Detroit Lions Ticket Prices Too High?

As the 2024 NFL season approaches, Detroit Lions fans are eagerly marking their calendars for what promises to be an exhilarating season. However, those planning to catch the action live from the stands might face a bit of sticker shock. The ticket prices for both home and away games are proving to be quite steep, reflecting the high anticipation and demand for Lions football this season.

Detroit Lions Playoff Surge 2024 Detroit Lions Ticket Prices

Breaking Down the Home Game Prices

The Detroit Lions will host nine regular season games at Ford Field, and the prices for these games are fetching a premium. Here’s a look at what fans can expect to pay for the lowest available tickets at each home game:

  • Week 1 vs. Los Angeles Rams: $271
  • Week 2 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $194
  • Week 4 vs. Seattle Seahawks: $198
  • Week 8 vs. Tennessee Titans: $192
  • Week 11 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: $181
  • Week 13 vs. Chicago Bears (Thanksgiving): $271
  • Week 14 vs. Green Bay Packers: $215
  • Week 15 vs. Buffalo Bills: $224
  • Week 18 vs. Minnesota Vikings: $163

The average ticket price for Detroit Lions home games is approximately $212, making a trip to Ford Field a costly outing, especially for high-profile matchups like the opening game against the Rams and the Thanksgiving showdown against the Bears.

Away Game Ticket Pricing

The Lions will also be on the road for eight games, and while away game tickets are generally less expensive, they too can dig deep into the pockets of traveling fans. Here’s the lowest ticket prices for the Lions’ road games:

  • Week 3 at Arizona Cardinals: $58
  • Week 6 at Dallas Cowboys: $55
  • Week 7 at Minnesota Vikings: $77
  • Week 9 at Green Bay Packers: $241
  • Week 10 at Houston Texans: $117
  • Week 12 at Indianapolis Colts: $74
  • Week 16 at Chicago Bears: $141
  • Week 17 at San Francisco 49ers: $142

The average price for an away game ticket stands at $113, noticeably lower than the home game average but still a significant expense, especially for games against traditional rivals like the Packers and Bears, and he NFC Championship Game rematch against the 49ers.

*Via ESPN on 5/20/24

Detroit Lions Ticket Prices

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. High Ticket Prices for Home Games: The Detroit Lions’ home game tickets for the 2024 season are priced notably high, with the lowest prices ranging from $163 to $271, resulting in an average of approximately $212 per game.
  2. More Affordable Away Game Tickets: While still costly, tickets for Lions’ away games are more affordable than home games, with prices averaging around $113. The lowest ticket prices for these games vary from $55 to $241.
  3. Premium Pricing Reflects Anticipation: The significant pricing of tickets reflects the heightened anticipation and demand among fans to watch the Lions play, especially given their strong performance expectations for the 2024 season.

Bottom Line: High Costs Reflect High Expectations

The 2024 Detroit Lions ticket prices mirror the high expectations and excitement surrounding the team this year. Fans eager to see their team in action, particularly in games with significant playoff implications or historical rivalries, will need to prepare for what could be record-setting prices. This trend is a testament to the Lions’ growing stature in the league and the passion of their fanbase, ready to support their team rain or shine, home or away. As ticket prices soar, so do the hopes for a season to remember in Detroit.

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