2025 Football Prospect Noah LaPorte Discusses MSU Offer

Noah LaPorte Discusses Michigan State Scholarship Offer

Michigan State Extends Scholarship Offer to Promising Tight End

In an impactful move on the recruiting scene, Michigan State’s tight end coach Brian Wozniak has extended a scholarship offer to Noah LaPorte, a talented tight end from Princeton, Illinois. This offer was made official this Wednesday following a workout at LaPorte’s high school, marking a significant moment in both the athlete’s career and Michigan State’s recruiting strategy.

Building Relationships and Future Plans

Noah LaPorte expressed his enthusiasm about the recent interactions with the Michigan State coaching staff, particularly with Coach Wozniak. “It was awesome meeting [Wozniak],” LaPorte recounted. “We got to know a lot about each other in the time we talked, and we just had a great time.” This highlight of the personal connection made during the recruiting process signifies a key approach of Michigan State’s sports programs: making genuine connections with prospective players.

Further adding to the personal touch, LaPorte appreciated the effort made by Coach Wozniak to visit him in his hometown. “It felt great for him to come here and visit,” LaPorte noted. “It’s a small town, and it’s not just driving through the city and passing all the big schools. You really have to care to come visit.”

LaPorte, who is well-versed in the fervor surrounding Big Ten football in the Midwest, is now looking forward to his next steps. Excited about his prospective future at Michigan State, he shared plans for an upcoming visit to East Lansing saying, “We talked about taking a visit, and I’m going to try and get there as soon as they let me.”

A Prospective Spartan’s Connection to Big Ten Heritage

LaPorte’s conversation with Coach Wozniak also touched on shared regional roots and experiences, enhancing the relatability and appeal of Michigan State’s program. LaPorte mentioned, “Coach Wozniak talked about growing up in Cincinnati and then going to Wisconsin to play college ball. His background and story sounded similar to mine so far, so it made him pretty relatable, which is a big reason I thought so much of him and our conversation.”

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