25 Detroit Tigers have elected free agency

On Friday, it was announced that 25 Detroit Tigers minor league players have elected free agency.

The 2022 season did not go as planned for the Detroit Tigers, and though they have some pieces to the puzzle in place, there is still plenty of work to be done. That work, primarily, will be in the hands of the Tigers' new president of baseball operations, Scott Harris. Harris was hired by the Tigers after owner Chris Ilitch decided it was finally time to move on from Al Avila. On Friday, 25 Tigers' minor leaguers elected free agency.

Detroit Tigers

Which Detroit Tigers have elected for free agency?

According to MiLB-Transactions, 25 Tigers minor leaguers have elected for free agency, and they will now be free to sign with any team that makes them an offer.

Here is a list of the 25 Tigers minor leaguers who have elected free agency:

RHP Zac Houston

RHP Elvin Rodriguez

RHP Bubba Derby

RHP Gerson Moreno

RHP Markus Solbach

RHP Cody Sedlock

RHP J.T. Hintzen

RHP Luis Castillo

RHP Shea Spitzbarth

RHP Nick Vincent

RHP Nolan Blackwood

RHP Joe Navilhon

RHP Daniel Ponce de Leon

RHP Tim Holdgrafer

LHP Sam Howard

LHP Luis Camilo

C Fraudy Rodriguez

C Michael De La Cruz

C Chris Rabago

3B Josh Lester

INF Jermaine Palacios

INF Jose King

INF Jamie Westbrook

OF Victor Reyes

RHP Bryan Garcia

Stay tuned, folks! It's going to be an exciting offseason!


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