3 Candidates Lions should consider to replace Duce Staley

On Wednesday, we learned that assistant head coach/running backs coach Duce Staley had made the decision to part ways with the Detroit Lions so he could accept a job with the Carolina Panthers. Though it has not yet been reported exactly what position he will have with the Panthers, it has been reported that he is leaving Detroit so that he can be closer to his mother, who is dealing with health issues. The question is, who will the Lions hire/promote to replace Staley?

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3 Candidates the Lions should consider to replace Duce Staley

With Staley leaving or the Panthers, head coach Dan Campbell will have to decide who the new assistant HC will be and who the new RBs coach will be. Note: Those positions could be filled by two different coaches. Here are three candidates who could replace Staley.

Tanner Engstrand

During the 2022 season, Tanner Engstrand served as the tight ends coach, but that will not be the case in 2023, as Detroit has hired Steve Heiden to take his spot. That being said, Engstrand is still with the team, and it would not be surprising if he helped out with the running backs during the upcoming season. I don’t believe he would be given the assistant HC role.

Dell McGee

Dell McGee is a candidate who I absolutely LOVE as a potential replacement for Staley. McGee is currently coaching at the University of Georgia, but more importantly, he coached D’Andre Swift when Swift played with the Bulldogs. Swift seemed to be building a bond with Staley, and it is important that Campbell considers that when they hire a replacement.

Joel Thomas

Joel Thomas is currently the RBs coach for the New Orleans Saints, where Campbell coached before being hired by the Lions. The Saints have had some solid RBs over the years, and it was Thomas who was their position coach. Don’ the surprised at all if Campbell gives him a call to kick the tire.

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