3 Quick takeaways from the Detroit Lions devastating loss to the Vikings

Here are three quick takeaways from Sunday's devastating Detroit Lions road loss to the Minnesota Vikings. The Lions lose...

Following their unfathomable 28-24 loss on Sunday to the Minnesota Vikings, our Detroit Lions are 1-2 and in last place in the NFC North.

The Lions have now lost 11 road games in a row, including all nine of their road games in 2021, which means this is Dan Campbell still does not have a road win with Detroit.

Here are three quick takeaways from today's devastating Detroit Lions road loss to the Vikings.

3 Quick takeaways from the Detroit Lions loss to the Vikings

Ben Johnson is definitely an evil genius

There is no question about it that Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is already one of the best play-callers in the entire NFL and that showed again on Sunday against the Vikings.

Johnson dialed up big play after big play for the Lions' offense and the Vikings looked beyond confused on multiple occasions.

Johnson is putting quarterback Jared Goff in positions where he can thrive and Goff game through plenty of times on Sunday.

Note: I put the end of the game conservative playcalling and decisions on Dan Campbell

The Lions' defense is much better than it was in 2021

The Detroit Lions had arguably the worst defense in the entire NFL in 2021 and heading into the 2022 season, and that unit absolutely had to improve for the Lions to have a chance of making some noise.

On Sunday, the Lions' defense played well at times but when they were trusted to stop the Vikings late in the fourth quarter, they could not prevent a touchdown.

Dan Campbell is gonna keep rolling the dice and this time it hurt

One thing is for sure, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is just going to keep on rolling the dice and there will be times when it could cost his team a game. Today was one of those times.

Campbell was 3-for-3 on his first three fourth-down decisions but then he decided to go for it on fouth-and-2 late in the second quarter near midfield, it was not the best decision in the world.

Late in the fourth quarter, Campbell elected to attempt a 54-yard field goal with a garbage kicker rather than either A) Punting and pinning the Vikings back with less than two minutes remaining or B) Go for it and attempt to pick up the first down. By attempting the field goal, Campbell put his defense in a very tough position and they could not get the job done.

In my opinion, Dan Campbell cost the Detroit Lions their second win of the season.

Nation, what is your biggest takeaway from Sunday's game between the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings?